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Onepiece XP Post-SP3 AIO Update Pack En-US FINAL

nonno fabio

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i hope you not be angry with me

Why? :D

NO ;)

Ahh, perhaps it would be better to write in normal letters, and not a criticism, and only a hint ;)

Dear onepices

This picture is the basic problems in my work

i beat them at the beginning

And then back again after i integrate the net frame work 3.5 from your link you guide it to me

What is your opinion on about the problem and solution


note: this is not only one error message but it repeated more than 20 or 30 error message with multiply files

1/ does not exist in the entries.ini pack v2.4.1 update a file with the name pschaaa.txt? The file name should be pschsaaa.txt (maybe I am wrong, I maybe wrong with the read image hmmmmm)

2/ very likely that the addon used to remove RVMI serves to integrate all of one and one, and not everyone in a shot

first post of the topic Nonno fabio a written

If you do not like all the additional stuff included in OnePiece's XP Update Pack, you can easily uninstall some of them from Windows Components Wizard after setup windows. Or, if you prefer, you can disable their integration adding integration in your list after the Update Pack one or more of these small addons:

Just another question, sorry for being so boring, about manually edit [strings] in OPMWXPUP.inf, what should i edit/change?

Thanks for your help, thanks for the link, and most of all thanks for your patience.

Best Regards.

all Line under


;-- Only localize strings below this line



ect ect

you say very good attention to line tz.exe, because the auto maker almost writes them all correctly, but can not write in unicode line, and only a cmd file and most of the programming is not my strong point hmmmmmm

however, the UP/AddOn maker is ever to copy a file .inf, like Localize strings (OPMWXPUP.inf or OPW2K3UP.inf), always look at those files ;)

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my spirit of my heart onepeice

in the first sorry me for bad language

I hope the solution and i will not upset you again because I am tired and get boredom

please look and read this sentence, well and answer this question

1) Is there a difference between update file(OnePiece_Windows_XP_Post-SP3_UpdatePack_v2.3.1_ENU) and

addition file (Remove PowerShell_AddOn) as exampel

2) This is exactly what I do -(i mean my steps in work)- is right or not ?

1 - updated version of my clear xp sp3 with file (OnePiece_Windows_XP_Post-SP3_UpdatePack_v2.3.1_ENU),

his size 105 MB

2 - Disable_WGAN_AddOn

3 - Remove PowerShell_AddOn

4 - Remove_PowerShell_MUI_Pack_CHS_CHT_ESN_FRA_GER_AddOn

5 - Remove_PowerShell_MUI_Pack_ITA_JPN_KOR_PTB_RUS_AddOn

6 - Stimpy_JD976_DotNetFx_3in1_Addon_v2.2

7 - onepiece_repair_ie8_cosmetic_problems_addon

8 - Repair_OnePiece_Windows_XP_Post-SP3_UP_AddOn_ENU_RVMi_Only at the end of work

this step not in the same time put every file i integrat it alone right

3) you read the name of file in the picture right and what you writ is right also and both of them appear also and many others files have many name appear too all this messages appear when i begin to setup windows whether from windows or from boot cd in specific stage

4) is this files in your update package

1= Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 SP1

2=Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 sp2

3= Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 sp2

4= Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 sp1

i take more time to explained my problems so please be patient

and from your exceed love explained for me bit by bit i really i need to understand

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no you will need to use the Onepiece XP Post-SP3 AIO Update Pack v2.4.1-090516, remove the addon refer to him, I remember now about 2.3.1, but it is recommended to use v2.4.1

sorry again for my English, if you must enter when Nonno Fabio explains it all.


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dear my friend

i get pure xp sp3 ok

i do upgrade normal

ther is new proplem apear in the dos

the error message say((this file is corrupted yhe file name is ohci1394.sys ))

when i extract this file from the xp i find his size is 37byte just

but when i extract this file from the orginal xp(without onepiece update) i find his size is 37 kelo byte

please what is the proplem


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yes mr onepiece no md5 hash is equal

and i find the file when i do extract to him show that is corrupted

because i download the file on many stages because i have not good dsl line

i think now maybe the all errors because that

is this must be daownload the file on one time not at many onces

is ther other link for this file please on rapidshare because the orginal link very slowe

please help me

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I'm testing the Update Pack v2.5.0 in VM, if everything is ok I think tomorrow it will be online, so better to wait so using the new release.


just tried it with wmp11-windowsxp-x86-PT-PT.exe, and all Ok, try to put directors only wmp11-windowsxp-x86-PT-PT.exe, and starts the AIO creator, and you will see exit errors ???

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This is the message:



just tried it with wmp11-windowsxp-x86-PT-PT.exe, and all Ok, try to put directors only wmp11-windowsxp-x86-PT-PT.exe, and starts the AIO creator, and you will see exit errors ???

Sorry but didn

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the message indicates that during the extraction of a file, operation not been performed successfully, and who the file goes wrong, you can select the file. exe, until you get to the file which is out of this problem, it may be also downloaded a hotfix evil, or how to say a corrupt file

could also be flash player, if not to install 7-zip to extract the flash player.exe go into error.

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my very lovley man mr.onepice

you all right the file update was corrupted

i download the good file and i finish my work without any problems without any error messages in all steps

i don't do any remove for any files entire the update just i integrate the update with clear xp with help of RVM_Integrator_1.6.exe"

many many thouthand of regardes for you

and i am so sorry for disturb you for long time

but why this picture appear and if you have the solve can put it to me

at the end realy i have no words to thank you

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you'll need to download dotnet1.1. true addon and put it in where are the directors hotifx, after download the update pack ita here http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=6374, and do a comparison in two pack your and ita them and see which file is missing or another? after jump in OPMWXPUP.inif and see those hotfix those files that belong there, inside the pack when you comparison ignores the rows of PowerShell ect ect that are like pack ita xxxita.xxx and your xxxptg.xxx, so see them missing and then also add the fix.

for example, the file rspndr.exe, and KB922120-v6-x86-xxx.exe

use nLite to integrate the update pack, or why not a clear position for the addon pack_INTL repair for RVMi.

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then see the image files that lack them? so used to add other hotfixes missing (no need to redo everything from the beginning, just in the direct copy "onepiece_winxp_post-sp3_updatepack_ptg" Extract, plus the hotfix missing after RUN Up_Creator, and you will be Ok will update the files in update pack)

example serves to add these hotfixes







ect ect

search every file inside OPMWXPUP.inf and see who belongs hotfix, and after download also hotifx.

See http://thehotfixshare.net/board/index.php?showforum=125 found here, unless we find them, then download it yourself, example http://support.microsoft.com/kb/956588/pt, clica dispon

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I made a few more attempts following your instructions, now there are no errors with nLite or with copying files. Although the IE8 icon and quicklaunch bar problem still remains, i don

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ok to clear an error somewhere .inf files (used in the past .inf files that you or mandate it?), that problem is resolved, but to get there. inf files that the problem, so be sure to use is the RVMi to integrate the update pack (in a clean winxpsp3 cd)

After integrating this addon repair



Hash MD5 8CAABFA385049DD43566EBFD5A548911

even if you find problems, extract the ita pack v2.5.0 and the controls that you created, and see them changing the file ????, ignores file psita* psptg* and sprv*.dll

if still can not make it, then upload again once the new pack and send me the link in PM


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hmmmmmm but there are still files ??????, remember and very important forces all serve to update that you copy from OPMWXPUP.inf, because if not 100% that go wrong later, as not to put msxml4 and KB917275 (these serve to strength because they are files that you copy from OPMWXPUP.inf, at least you can do to update files already present cd, but the files that are added in as msxml4 cd ect ect, the files used by force if no safe and that go wrong after the installation)



no use PowerShell MUI Pack, in cd not ENU not need, so delete all files ps%lang% * (not delete psptg* & pwrsh*) after perhaps best for you and use the WindowsXP-KB926140-v5-x86-PTB.exe http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...10-605e809d5933 (renamed in WindowsXP-KB926140-v5-x86-PTG.exe and use this later, perhaps better that you use EPR package enu?, or see yourself as you are doing better, if you already use the package and will ENU the same OK)

important to remember and add the files that are missing, those who see in the image above, if you later and good to add the missing hotfix, but for the proper functioning of the pack need to add those files you see in the image.

Download Update Pack ita always do and always a comparison with that and see that there ect ect


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