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What do you think of Windows 7?


What do you think of Windows 7?  

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I notice much improve on the way how the OS responses to my input. Win7 is very quick, has changed user interface which improved on some points and failed on others.

I hope the unstability of beta1 will be fixed in the RTM version. If microsoft accomplishes to make it as stable as quick I am a happy user.

Some work to do...

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For me its just a second edition of vista. Bugs at this stage is no surprise for win7 beta 7000. All my drivers worked fine. Used it for just over a week now, as my main OS. Its slightly better than vista i have to say, but overall its not worth upgrading (atleast for me). I voted "BAD"

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Thats the only reason i really wanted to install win7 as my main OS (looking at those screenshots). But yeh, give it a try, its better than vista, but not by much. I will wait for the rtm version, and if MS manages to fix all these bugs and improve stability, then i might consider upgrading, but atm windows 7 looks like the future vista sp3 for me...lol

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Win 7 's Super bar is copy of Linux KDE v4 :manual: if u don't beleive google for KDE v4 screenshots.

but it looks great..this is Beta 7000 version of win7...

i wonder what is that fish doing there or what this screenshot says

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Guest DennyMK

I've installed win7 previous beta (6801) and everything worked fine except one problem: I couldn't find and install my LAN card drivers. My vote is Okay, and could be excellent if the next beta or rtm fix that.

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I've tried it today and have to say that it's working good for a beta. I really like the new taskbar, I also like the new explorer colors and features. Looks much better that Vista's.

I had issues when I tried to copy something over network, Windows 7 was copying very slow (around 18Kbit sec). Also, WMP is working poorly while listening to mp3's. Sound is cracking and overall performance of WMP sucks.

I have to say that I tried this in VMware, so I can't be sure that it isn't working better when installed on a dedicated hardware.

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N1K, your right, installing windows 7 on vmware, does give few problems as you mentioned above. But when you install it on a real machine, with all your proper upto date drivers, the story is completely different. WMP works like a charm (better than WMP11), and yes mp3's had a major issue, but that has been fixed now by a new windows 7 update available to fix that particular mp3 issue.

I installed windows 7 x86 last few weeks ago, and i was not very impressed with overall perfomance, because i did not install upto date drivers for my hardware, and also x86 was not able to use all my ram.

I recently installed windows 7 x64, and i was very impressed, as it was able to use all my 8gb ram. The overall performance is great after i installed all upto date drivers for my hardware.

Am just hoping MS dont mess things up by at the last minute by adding junks or anything. Overall windows 7 x64 ROCKS!

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I'm downloading it right now on, gonna test it out on my Acer Aspire One and my Phenom.

I'll post back about how it runs compared to my Aspire with Vista (which runs incredibly well as is O_o)

I really like the new look of the taskbar, will be interesting to see it in action. Screenshots can only do so much. Liking the positive reviews from a lot of people on the net, looks promising :)

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Windows 7 I think is really good!

I like the look and feel of it.

feels abit vista'ish but overal

I love it!

shame i can't go on the internet....

does not find my network adapter!!! :(

but i don't mind.

as long as it gets better and fixes the bugs.

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