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  • 5 weeks later...

still unresolved. :(

Sorry for that, still haven't get required help from our skin maker :( I will try to ask again.

Update: Problem fixed. Thanks for reminding.

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Status: Resolved.
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  • 2 weeks later...

this might be a strange question, but how hard would it be to make some skins for the forum? is it just a matter of following a template or is there some coding involved?

i had an idea it might be fun to try to make one

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Well, I wouldn't like to have a lot of skins for sure. That just isn't right IMO.

We have another skin which sponsors and staff members can use.

Also, several mods here are unique (colors) for all skins, so it would be really messy to have larger number of skins.

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ok i found this issues

the first one when i click on the box beside the name to get the info

it seems that the PM is corrupted


the other in the posting topic

the emotion line is down ( it seems to happen in firefox ) in Dark Skin


i wanted to give you a notice

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