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Hi, @J.S. Prasad

Can u update and this properties pls?

* Plugins files and OnDemandCM files

* JPEG2000 and JBIG2 Image Decoders

* Firefox Plugin

* Foxit Spell Checker

* Removed ASK TOOL BAR, no browser hack to Ask.com

* Removed Foxit Search Bar

* Removed eBay.ico

* Added Silent association to .pdf files

* Silent registration to .pdf files

Thank you.

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Hi Mr.oguz sorry to late visting this site .The reason I do not update this addon is.

1: Foxit chang the architecture in inno, I am also making it in inno.

2: I am migrated in Win 7 x64

Here I compiled this as per requirement by you in Inno.Association require to open Foxit Reader one time so it associate .pdf files. lacking in silent installation completly.

Here are new Md5

File: FoxitReader502.exe

MD5: 0c7fb7bf9287ee59d3e5f683ecb50535

6.79 MB (7,124,387 bytes)

Link: http://www.mediafire...0smrpstexck7yml

Silent switches are:



Edited by J.S.Prasad
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    • By alacran
      The PEBakery Team are proud to present the ChrisPE project. Use this project to create WinPE from a range of 32-bit and 64-bit Windows sources, including -
      Windows 7
      Windows 7 (SP1)
      Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
      Windows 8
      Windows 8.1
      Windows 8.1 Update
      Windows 10
      Windows RTM source files are recommended. The sources in the above list have been tested, other source files may also work.

      This project has been internally tested and developed over the past two months and is now ready for a public beta release. The PEBakery Team anticipate ongoing development and the ChrisPE project is likely to continue to evolve. This may result in changes to some of the core features such as the menu system and supported shells.

      Some of the current features include -
      No caching of Windows source files - resulting in reduced storage space requirements on the Host OS used to build the project.
      .wim support using internal PEBakery commands - the wimlib library is used for managed wim support. The full contents of the the Windows source and WinPE .wim files are not applied (extracted) to a local directory - resulting in significant time savings.
      Support for a range of shells including bblean, CMD, LaunchBar and WinXShell.
      WoW64 support.
      This project has been developed as a base from which to add additional features.

      Please note that it's been developed for use with the PEBakery builder and will not work in winbuilder as a number of commands are not supported.

      Please download from the ChrisPE github repository - https://github.com/pebakery/chrispe

      Instructions are included - please check the documentation in the download (readme.htm).

      If you are not familiar with github - use the Clone or download button and select the Download ZIP option to download the project.

      Feedback is welcome.

      Please have fun.

      The PEBakery Team (ied206, alacran, Atari800XL, homes32 and Misty)

      Screenshot of ChrisPE with WinXShell -

      EDIT: Not all the programs are in the basic download, there is a complementary pakage of scripts, I have it almost ready for upload and will be available for download very soon, new scripts are finished and working now, but under test to prevent any malfuntion, the pakage contains 25 new scripts.
    • By vipul_tilak
      Hi Gurus,
      I was just playing around with your brilliant tool and just got an thought of integrating the Win 7 and Win 8 both in a single disc.
      I will explain in detail:
      I have Win 7 in one folder and Win 8 in a different folder.
      At first step, I select either the Folder or the ISO of either of the Win versions.
      Can we have a method where in I can select two different folders and it loads all the versions found on those ISOs/Folders and then I could choose what all to integrate?
      For example, I want to select Win 7 x64 Ultimate as well as Win 8 Pro with Media Center x64.
      After selecting this - we should have an option to select updates for different Win versions but the silent installers, tweaks etc could be common.
      So when booting from my disc, it will show me both the Win versions and I could select any Windows version.
      Is this possible, or is it hypothetical or is it invalid?
      Help Gurus!!!
      Will wait for your replies.

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