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Win 7 & Win 8 WIMs in single bootable disk


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Hi Gurus,


I was just playing around with your brilliant tool and just got an thought of integrating the Win 7 and Win 8 both in a single disc.

I will explain in detail:

I have Win 7 in one folder and Win 8 in a different folder.

At first step, I select either the Folder or the ISO of either of the Win versions.


Can we have a method where in I can select two different folders and it loads all the versions found on those ISOs/Folders and then I could choose what all to integrate?

For example, I want to select Win 7 x64 Ultimate as well as Win 8 Pro with Media Center x64.


After selecting this - we should have an option to select updates for different Win versions but the silent installers, tweaks etc could be common.


So when booting from my disc, it will show me both the Win versions and I could select any Windows version.


Is this possible, or is it hypothetical or is it invalid?


Help Gurus!!!


Will wait for your replies.

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You should be able to create an AIO install disc with versions of both Win7 and Win8 using Win Toolkit. Since you want the tweaks and apps installs applicable to all the various OS selections, I would suggest using something like WPI for them, and for ease of installation and maintenance, I would put those on a separate disc. If you are going to use USB install media you could put them all on the same one, but keep them as separately accessible folders. If you were talking about Win Toolkit from the beginning, then you probably started this thread in the wrong place in the forum.

Cheers and Regards

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