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Windows 7 Toolkit v1.0.2 FINAL


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W7Toolkit (25)

Services tab > More Services Info selected > Takes user to Black Viper's web site

Be advised that information posted by Black Viper indicates he is shutting down his forum/web site/domain so it appears the link to his information will be invalid fairly soon.

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I'm not sure if that is totally correct. He seems to be shutting down the forum, but from an earlier post:

No… Not “everything”, only the discussion forum, not the information you are viewing right now, nor my old content yet to be transfered into this format.

I interpret that to mean that his guides will still be there, you just won't be able to ask any questions. I could be wrong as well - we'll just have to see how things evolve.

EDIT: I have written to BlackViper for clarification and will repost here when/if I get an answer.

Cheers and Regards

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Sorry to "double post", but felt this was important enough to deserve it's own post.

Chief, your fears and warning are unfounded. I got a response from Black Viper to my direct question:

Will the guides continue while the forum is shut down, ie the information will still be maintained up to date, you just won't be able to ask questions like you could in the forums, or will the entire site be shut down and/or the guides and their information slowly be allowed to become obsolete?

His response was:

The rest of the site will remain up as well as updated. I just wish to discontinue a general tech forum and instead steer to comments directly posted to my guides.

Take care and tell others about Black Viper!

Charles "Black Viper" Sparks

You will also still be able to ask him questions through email - blackviper [dot] com [at] gmail [dot] com

His latest posting on his site also confirms this:

The rest of the domain will remain!

I have already been asked if my previous post about shutting down the BBS/Forum section of the domain is an indication that all of my information or guides will also vanish.

The answer?


My decision to shutdown the forums is based on time administering and keeping a “General” technical support forum operational and clean. The less time I struggle with keeping up the forums, the more time I have to write content.

Plain and simple.

Thank you, kind reader, for your support over the last 12 years! You are appreciated!

But thanks for bringing this up, Chief. At least now we have clarification.

Cheers and Regards

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build 37 has been released, some drivers did not get expanded so i've added the unknown file types so that they will now :D Also, fixed a few bugs/glitches i have found in the error logs.

Just to save people from asking.... I will not be starting v1.0.3 until i receive no more error logs, i want all the bugs to be fixed before i start it :)

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I have managed to get the component removal on the AIO form working so it will remove all the packages from all the images you select instead of just the one. However this won't be available until v1.0.3 and i have not added all of the packages to the list yet which is a boring task :P

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hi, i'm on win 7 64 bit, and using latest win7 toolkit, and i have some problem when customizing win7 x64.

using untouched win7 sp1 x64 msdn iso, tweaking, integrated x64 solor updates, and also add storage, and chipset driver from driverpack.net.

the problem is everytime i tested iso on vmware i have error : Windows could not apply unattend setting during pass [OfflineServicing]. how to fixed that problem?

also when i use unattend creator, why it show processorArchitecture="x86"?

another question is when i apply setting for home premium does it also applied for ultimate and professional?


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There is a problem with the Unattended Creator at the moment and i need to look into that bug...

A)It shows x86 when it's created but when you integrate it, W7T will auto change it to amd64...

B) I think so, i need to test this out.

Sorry, Unattended.xml stuff is not my strong point but i will fix it :)

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I exported one edition from the image and moved the file back to the sources folder. Now when I try to use W7T to make an iso out of it, it doesn't work at all. Previous version said something about corrupted image or something (build 40 doesn't save any log at all).

What's wrong? I simply used magex, didn't do anything funky.

(imagex /export e:\Win7\sources\install.wim 4 e:\install.wim and then copypaste back into the original sources)

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Thanks for this tool,

Please can you GIVE MORE info about how the CAB Retriever WORKS!!!

How to start is because is not visible to clik on.

I just want to use it to retriever the already installed updates befor i downloaded (windows 7 toolkit)


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CAB Retriever scans the Windows Update download folder for cab files and let's you copy them for integration. Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download

Thanks for pointing that out, it was supposed to be only enabled if there is cab files in the Windows Update download folder, but it stayed disabled...

Fixed :)

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Please You Could Also Give, System Requirements, Runing OS And More!!!

I dident use this program yet but i think it will be more better than other programs like (RT 7 LITE) if you keep working on it.

I tried to integrate updates into WINDOWS 7 X64 And WINDOWS 7 X86, I GOT MUST BE RUNING X64 OS

which you did not talk about.

Am runing WINDOWS 7 X86, So does this mean it work only in runing x64bit os?

Please forgive me about this post if you did talk or gave runing os requirements i wasted enough DVD's Already using (RT 7 LITE) to integrate drivers. it did alright but too much (Not digitally signed) error's when installing windows. i hope win 7 toolkit does't give error about unsigned drivers?!!!.

A question, how does it work on vista or xp? (to intergrate updates into vista/xp dvd or to just use win 7 toolkit to integrate updates etc into windows 7 dvd)

I dont no why the hell program like (rt 7 lite) was mode even starting the program takes more than 1 hrs :angry:

You did well :cheff: by creating a program like this, but you can do better by giving step by step how to use your program.

some update's can't be integrated into dvd. update's like >Windows6.1-KB943790-x64 could be nice to make a program that can make it integratable. what do you think?

Please any link where i can download MW Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830), ActiveX control ,LegitCheckControl and integrate to my dvd? i have the windows-kb890830 but i don't no how to make it addon.

ANY HELP LINK GIVEN WELL BE rewarded bijon imagine :unsure:


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PLEASE call it the right thing! :omg:

IT IS WIN7 TOOLKIT!!!! NOT RT7 TOOLKIT!!! :ranting: :ranting:

The 64bit limitation is widely known. 32 bit CANNOT properly handle 64 bit files and proccess. (It has always been that way even with nLite and vLite. Don't confuse authors like you confused names too)

Put requests in the request sub-forum. :offtopic:

Please use more thought before posting... OR :ban:

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