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McRip Updates


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I think it would be a great addition if we also have the ability to download McRip updates in the same way that we can SoLoR's... in SoLoR's absence lately I have had no choice but to use McRip's ...it would be a great option

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I agree... these guys are so amazing I am still trying to figure it all out... haven't managed to jump in with his but trying it today :-)

Not to forget the Komm option if he is still keeping his list up to date.

Cheers and Regards

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Updating x64, working well... very slow discharge... continue to report... ;-)

x64 updates downloaded ok, go to try x86...

downloading x86 updates...

still downloading, all work ok, but McRip host seems slowly...

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slow discharge?

Anyways i need to think of a new name for SoLoR Updates because it also includes McRips. Something like 'McSol Updates', 'SolRip Updates', 'Extra Updates', 'Update Catalog', 'Update Library' 'QFE Updates' or whatever lol, any ideas?

I'm leading towards 'Update Catalog'.

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