Destination path too long

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  1. Max Path says:

    Once under XP I did extract a Visual Studio iso file (it has many subfolders resulting in long paths) to an external drive
    After doing so, I did move it to a subfolder (somthing „Development\Microsoft\MSDNAA\…“).
    After a while I wanted to move the whole folder (root folder ‘Development’) to another partition: here I also got such an error message!
    Moving the Visual Studio folder back to the root of the hard drive did solve the problem: now I was able to move it to the other partition.
    After the copying was finished, I was able to move it back to the subfolder structure, which I liked (btw: no warning about too long filenames here!).

    => The content of the problematic files was readable. So it seems, that Windows does support longer filenames in some situation and in some others not…

  2. required says:

    so, in AD 2012, there we go bumping the old fence… way to go, MS…

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