ThinkVantage System Update 4 error

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I’ve just installed Windows 7 Enterprise version with Service Pack 1. I have also installed ThinkVantage System Update 4 on my T500 laptop.

I was asked for user information upon the first run which I thought was related to my proxy credentials, but actually it was the OS info that was needed for System Update.

After few moments I  have received the following message:

An error occurred while gathering user information.

Lenovo usually do not allow their System Update to recognise new Service Pack levels until shortly after they have been publicly released.

Since I got it from Technet and I have reinstalled Windows, I need to get it work right now 🙂

Here is the solution:

Navigate to:

C:\Program Files\Lenovo\System Update\session\system\SSClientCommon

Open file MappingInterface.xml using Notepad

Add the following lines:

<Name>WINDOWS 7 Ultimate</Name>
<ServiceRelease>Service Pack 1</ServiceRelease>
<OSQuest>Windows 7</OSQuest>

If you’re using other version than Ultimate, just change this to WIN7-ULT.SP1 to 2nd WIN7-ENT.SP1 etc and 4th line to WINDOWS 7 Enterprise.

You should be able to run the System Update now.

Comments are welcome.

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14 Responses

  1. aslav says:

    Same error on x201 & Win7ultimateSP1.
    It’s work! Thanks!

  2. msmcougar says:

    Got the same ereror on my T410 that I just put SP1 on…. worked perfectly. Thanks!

  3. WOW says:

    This is amazing!!
    Great solution!!!

  4. zaxon says:

    wow great that worked like a charm
    thinkpad edge 14 i3 2.4 64 gb ssd win 7 ult. sp1 x64 thanks again

  5. Jop says:

    Impressive and it works 🙂

  6. Christian Bailey says:

    I was struggling with this. Worked first time. Thank you!

  7. Jan Hindér says:

    Works real nice on Win7UltSP1.

  8. Dominic Purnell says:

    Thanks for your post Lifesaver!

  9. Len says:

    Thanks, It worked great for an X61 Tablet.

  10. Sheby says:

    Easy and helpfull 😀 WELL DONE

  11. Crazyfox says:

    Many thanks 🙂 Works great on Win7SP1 Ent 64 bit. Your efforts appreciated.

  12. woodie says:

    Great post. Saved my behind.

  13. drusla says:

    I did what you suggested, but after that i receive the message that system cannot find language file. Any idea?

  14. Rory Conaway says:

    Nice job. This saved me on my T60 with Windows 7 Professional. IBM would never have left this error hanging. Between this and the display hinge problem, I might have to rethink my future laptop purchased if Lenovo let’s something this like hanging.

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