Windows Live Mail Has Stopped Working

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13 Responses

  1. stanko says:

    This bug made me lot of troubles. WLM is fixed now- thanks!

  2. Iggy says:

    I have installed Windows 7 plus Windows Live Mail version 2009 and still experience constant crashes when use Croatian spelchecker!
    Any solution?!

  3. Nik says:

    Unfortunately, so far there is no fix for this. You should disable Croatian spell checker to make it work properly.

  4. Jeff says:

    thank you very much! My parents-in-law who live in Croatia were not able to send mails anymore. Thanks to your advice (and remote-access using CrossLoop) we were able to solve the problem!

  5. Jack H. says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! But, my problem did not display anything about spellchecker. Once I tried to reply to or send a message, THAT’s when I got the “stopped working” message above. When I set English as the default language, that took care of it. Now, it’s working fine….

  6. Gokul says:

    I tried as guided…. but the problem continues…. and I ma stuck badly

  7. Nik says:

    Please check again if you followed everything right. Also, how is your error manifested?

  8. sanford says:

    still not fixed tried it twice any thoughtsvx

  9. Dan says:

    I stopped using WLM because of this problem. In fact, I noticed this problem in 2008 on an old Vista PC. It’s been over 3 years now. I can’t believe they haven’t been able to come up with a solution by now. The only thing that works is completely removing the dictionary file. When you do that, WLM starts warning you that you should install the Croatian dictionary file. Incredibly annoying 🙁

  10. Norbert says:

    Windows Live Mail 2011 doesn’t work properly after uninstalling avast anti virus with their uninstaller.
    If I try to reply to a mail, or enter a new event in calendar I get the message: Windows Live has stopped working, WL will restart. After restart another message comes up: A problem has caused the programme to stop working correctly. I have tried to repair but the problem persists. I also tried the spell checker advice and made english UK the default laguage bu the problem persists. Also desktop gadgets will not display correctly anymore since uninstalling avast. I’m running WIN7. If I uninstall WL and reinstall, will I lose any calendar entries? Thank you.

  11. Nik says:

    No, you won’t loose any calendar entries since they are stored on Microsoft Servers.
    Try to uninstall Live Products and then install Live Mail again.
    If that won’t help, try to use Revo Uninstaller application to completely remove Avast application (if there are any leftovers left).

    You can also try to use the system restore to restore your system to a state before the Avast Antivirus. Hopefully that was not long time ago 🙂


  12. Todd says:

    Have tried the spell checker advice above, removing and reinstalling numerous times. Still doen’t work. What a piece of crap MS has foisted on us unsuspecting users. Especially if this problem has been around for several years.

  13. Tanya says:

    Hello, I’ve been dealing with “WLM stopped working” issue for about two weeks now. First it would shut down and restart when I sent out an email, and now it wont even start up. I uninstalled the system and reinstalled it again but the problem doesn’t seem to go away. I can’t open the WLM to do what’s stated here. PLEASE HELP ME!

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