WordPress error – An installation already exists..

I’ve run into “an installation already exists” error when trying to install WordPress using Softaculous.

Softaculous is an automated script installer that is integrated into the CPanel and used for hosting servers based on Linux operating systems. With Softaculous it is very easy to install numerous CMS software and other Web tools like WordPress, Joomla, Abantecart, Prestashop etc.

One of my friends asked me to help him re-install WordPress on his Website. He also said that he deleted all files and folders in public_html, deleted WP database, along with the DB user but he is unable to install WordPress again as he is constantly receiving this error message:

The following errors were found :
An installation already exists at %website url% as per our records. To re-install the application please uninstall the existing installation!

An installation already exists

After researching a bit I’ve found out that even though he deleted everything from his account related to WordPress installation, Softaculous still had a record about this installation. So in order to be able to re-install WordPress, we’ll have to delete this record from Softaculous.

Login to CPanel and navigate to Softaculous. Scroll down to see current installations.

On the right side, under Options, click on the red X mark to delete this installation.

An installation already exists

Now you should be able to perform a fresh installation of WordPress.

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