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Microsoft finally fixes 5-year old Firefox bug

Until today, Firefox had a bad reputation for being a resource hog, but actually, this was not Mozilla’s fault. It appears that a 5-year-old CPU bug that was affecting Firefox users on the Windows...


Firefox to completely remove Adobe Flash

Mozilla plans to completely remove Adobe Flash support from its popular Firefox browser in December 2020. This means that Firefox v84 will no longer support Adobe Flash plugin that is used for playing videos...

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Mozilla discountinues FTP support in Firefox

Mozilla is about to discontinue FTP support in its popular browser Firefox. The company will drop the FTP support out of the box in version 77 planned for June 2, 2020. According to Mozilla,...


Firefox enables DNS over HTTPS or DoH

Firefox just started rolling out DNS Over HTTPS (DoH) feature which will further improve security for Firefox users. DNS over HTTP (DoH) is a rather young protocol that was implemented only two years ago....