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WinRAR 5.60 GIVEAWAY on WinCert.net (UPDATED!)

WinRAR is now available in a more user-friendly version and has a more attractive design. UPDATE: Thank you all for participating in this Giveaway. Congratulations to our winners and we wish everyone else better...


WinRAR 5.50 GIVEAWAY on WinCert.net (Updated!)

Dear visitors, WinRAR v5.x Perpetual license winners are: Yury Kyzmin Steven Smidt Guilmar Ronaldo Contreras James S. Colbert Sumeet Kumar Congratulations to our lucky winners. Thanks everyone for participating and be sure to check...


WinRAR v5.40 Giveaway on WinCert

Giveaway winners are: Mohammad Ali Hessam Jerzy Gorczynski Alexandr Zemlyanoy Mustafa Serif John Nicholson Our winners will be contacted by WinRAR marketing team in the next couple of days. WinRAR, one of the most...