Group Policy not being applied

After a recent group policy change, I have noticed that new settings are not being applied to one of the servers.

After some investigation, I have noticed that the SYSVOL folder is not syncing properly and that there is a different list of policies on 2 Domain Controllers.

group policy

I was also getting errors by Group Policy not being applied with an Unknown Error message.

We are using a mixed environment with Windows Server 2008 and 2012 Domain Controllers. Until we solve this issue we have to change the Domain Controller from which this policy was applied from.

Connect to the server that has the wrong policy applied.
Type gpresult /r
Check the line: Group Policy was applied from: %servername%

To change the Domain Controller that applies the GPO for the problematic server here’s what you need to do:

Open CMD on the server and type the following command:
nltest /Server:ClientServerName /SC_RESET:%domainname\domaincontrollername%

After the change update the policy with gpupdate /force command. Now your server should receive the correct policy.

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