Windows 7

How to copy a user profile on Windows 7

If you already have the need to create a default user profile in Windows 7 and you tried to use the well known procedure that was working successfully in previous version of Windows, you might have issues by finding the 'Copy To' button being grayed out.

This issue is known to Microsoft but no fix has been released yet, but luckily there is an alternate way to achieve this.

For the presentation purpose we will copy the profile from 'Nik' user.

First we have to download a tool called 'Win Enabler' from HERE.

Save the file to your desktop and extract the file.

Right click on the file and choose 'Run as Administrator'

Once you have started the Win Enabler application you will notice a new icon in the system tray:

Make sure you click on it once to enable the application

In the 'Run' prompt type sysdm.cpl and hit Enter

Navigate to 'Advanced' tab | User profiles | Settings

Click on the desired profile and you will notice that 'Copy To' button is disabled.

Now, click on the disabled button and it will become enabled thanks to 'Win Enabler' application, as you can see in the picture below.

Profile can now be copied to any profile you want.

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