Bill Gates has switched to an Android phone

During a Fox News interview on Sunday, former Chief of Microsoft said that he switched to Android phone. Gates also said that he is using a lot of Microsoft software on his Android phone. While this statement would sound unbelievable when Microsoft was competing with Apple and Google, at this point, it’s nothing special.

android phone

Many Microsoft employees no longer use Windows Phone and have already switched to Android or Apple. Even Satya Nadella admitted that he is an Android user and that this is not a bad PR for Microsoft.

Samsung consumers can also buy the customized version of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Microsoft Edition phones in their US retail stores. Microsoft customization ensures best productivity experience with Microsoft applications like Office, OneDrive, Cortana etc. Having said that, it seems that Microsoft has chosen Android between the two mobile OS kings.

On the other hand, Apple is changing their Siri and Spotlight default search engine provider from Bing to Google. Apple claims that the reason for the change is consistency because Safari on both iOS and MacOS have been already using Google Search as the default search engine for the past couple of years.

During the statement about this change, Apple has also emphasized the strong relationship with both Google and Microsoft. While Siri and Spotlight search engine was changed, Siri is still using the Bing search engine for web images results.

Considering Google is paying Billions of dollars per year to Apple in order to stay as the default search provider on Apple devices, it shouldn’t take them long to push the Bing search engine completely from Apple devices.

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