Bringing Internet to more users joins two companies together

Around the globe, there are individuals and entire communities that have, because of the remoteness of their position or because of difficult terrain, been without the Internet connection. Microsoft has been trying very hard to bring broadband Internet to these areas and finally, this effort has resulted in a partnership with RADWIN, a company that is extremely experienced in bringing wireless access to many people.


The idea is to use TV white space over UHF bands which would enable rural areas to have broadband connectivity. Difficult or remote terrain should no longer be the reason for poor Internet connection. This also means that innovative technology will be brought to the global market at a very large scale which represents growth for both companies.

On a more personal level, this new partnership means more growth for local businesses, such as farmers, healthcare professionals, educational institutions and many others to take a larger step towards a global economy and such individuals will no longer be isolated or remote.

This is a big step ahead for RADWIN but Microsoft is the one who is really keeping their word because this is just a completion of something they promised to do years ago. To make the news even more exciting, they are not stopping there.

By using underwater data centers, Microsoft promises to deal with poor Internet connectivity for many coastal cities that are having problems with it at the moment.

Lastly, it would all seem less real, but the partnership between RADWIN and Microsoft is scheduled to take place at the end of 2019 when the plan is going to be presented to the telecommunication industry and other partners.

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