Firefox has embraced some major changes when it comes to their logo

Since Mozilla launched their Firefox logo in 2002 a lot has changed. Their business expanded and their area of expertise has developed dramatically. The company had its ups and downs, but through it, all their logo remained the same.

firefox logo

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It is a widely recognizable orange fox with its tail of fire and it has been around for so long that users have stopped paying attention to it. However, that is not the main reason why Mozilla is considering this big turn in their presentation which includes a completely different logo.

The design language needs to expand so that it would include everything that Firefox presents since it has long ago stopped being just one browser. It now includes Firefox Rocket which is a browser for connecting with less bandwidth and Firefox Reality that is used as Firefox but in virtual reality.

Dramatic changes are needed so everything would be included and that means the entire product family. Little touch-ups, such as changing the color or adding simple details simply will not do anymore.

So, Mozilla has presented two choices. Neither of them is final and by the end of the process it might still change, either completely or just in its final design. Both choices, called System 1 and System 2 are presented to the public with 12 additional icons.

firefox logo

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They stand for every single product in the Firefox family and even though there is no official voting the voice of the public is extremely important so every comment and expressed opinion of users will be taken into account before the final choice has been made.

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