Firefox Send allows you to share files up to 2.5GB

Firefox Send is now officially available!

firefox send

Source: Firefox Send

So, what is Firefox Send?

Firefox Send is a free sharing service by Mozilla that can be used with any modern web browser. In other words, Mozilla won’t force you to use their popular Firefox browser in order to use this service.

As an unregistered user, you are able to share 1GB of files, but if you register, the size limit will increase to 2.5GB. You can register as a new user or use your existing Firefox account. There is no paid option, well, at least for now.

Have in mind that uploaded files will automatically expire after one download or after 24 hours. This limit can be raised for up to 100 downloads or for 7 days. If you want to change the default limits, you’ll have register or login with your Firefox account.

After uploading a file, you’ll be provided with a download link so you can share files with others. You are also able to protect your files with a password while Firefox additionally uses end to end encryption to protect your files.

It’s worth saying that this service although free, also comes ads-free, but that doesn’t mean it will stay that way. Considering that you can’t have unlimited or non-expire downloads, this service might be useless for some large scale file sharing options.

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