Firefox to block website notification requests

Mozzila plans to prevent websites from bothering its users with frustrating notification requests, even though this move could potentially upset some website owners.

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Website notifications are similar to a subscription service. For example, you can accept a website notification if you want to be alerted whenever a site ads a new video, article or any other content.

On Windows 10, these notifications might appear in the notification center or in the tray next to the date and time. Oh yes, they will also appear regardless of whether you are logged on or visit the site in question.

Website notification shows up immediately as a pop-up once you visit the site.

According to Mozilla, users are not very happy about this since only a minor 1% of website notification requests are accepted. On the other hand, 48 percent of the time these notification requests are rejected and ignored in the rest 51% of cases.

Firefox plans to mollify notification requests and integrate them into the address or URL bar. With the new Firefox system, an icon similar to the lock icon which indicates a secure connection will appear and silently notify users about notification offers.

These changes are planned to be implemented in January 2020.

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