Microsoft blocks Windows 10 upgrade for PC’s running older version of Avast or AVG anti-virus software

Microsoft has just updated the list of known compatibility issues for the latest version of Windows 10 v1909. The company indicates that Avast and AVG could prevent the upgrade to Windows 10 1903 and 1909 if those apps contain antivirus versions 19.5 or older. Before updating 10 to the latest version users will have to update their anti-virus software. Microsoft also advises its customers with the above-mentioned anti-virus software not to install the latest update manually to avoid performance and stability issues.

Another possible workaround is to remove the Avast or AVG anti-virus from the system and stick with Microsoft’s integrated Windows Defender which will do the job just fine, even better.

Previous compatibility issues with outdated Qualcomm and Realtek drivers that could cause problems with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection have been fixed now.

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