Microsoft confirms Windows 10 1903 KB4512941 high-CPU issues

Microsoft has acknowledged issues that were linked to Windows 10 update KB4512941.

Earlier this week, Windows 10 1903 users started reporting issues with the latest cumulative update KB4512941 which can break Windows Search functionality and cause high CPU loads.

According to Microsoft, users that have disabled Web search using Windows Desktop Search may not receive search results which results in high CPU usage from SearchUI.exe process.

To be honest, Microsoft should not have integrated Web Search into the Desktop Search. If I want to search the Web I will use the Web browser and search provider of my choice rather than getting cluttered results from unwanted locations.

The Redmond company also said that they’re working on a resolution for these issues and estimate fix availability in mid-September.

And while Microsoft is about to release the fix for KB4512941 issues Windows 10 build 1903 is still cluttered with other problems that should be addressed too. For instance, the company doesn’t recommend installing 1903 on Surface Book 2 models with discrete GPU graphics since the latest update can break GPU functionality. Other problems include some Realtek and Qualcomm drivers versions being incompatible with the update, Intel Audio Driver can cause faster battery drain and unsolved issues with night light settings, color profiles, and gamma ramps.

Affected users can safely uninstall the KB4512941 update and wait for Microsoft to release the fix.

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