Using Captcha for Website Spam Protection

If you do not want to get bombarded by hundreds of spam emails and do regular cleanups of your CRM databases, then you should protect your subscription forms on time. Of course, the most effective option here is to install captcha.

Captcha for Website Spam Protection

It will help you determine whether your visitor is a real person or a robot, thus, ensuring to get only valid data from on-site form submits. At the moment, there is a huge selection of captcha; when picking an anti-spam plugin, consider all of them:

  • Standard captcha modified to fit your needs. You can specify what exact characters will be used and how much the letters and numbers undergo all sorts of changes to impair automatic recognition. The main benefit of the solution is the simplicity in recognizing people. However, there is also a downside here – this type of captcha is easy to crack, so with more activity of spammers, a more complicated solution should be used.
  • Ready-made solutions from Google and other third-party services. These are not only alphanumeric captchas but rather advanced ones; among them, there are many interesting options, such as assembling a puzzle picture, choosing suitable images, etc.

Captcha for Website Spam Protection

Recaptcha as Universal Alternative to All Captchas

With the release of the second version of Recaptcha from Google, the functionality has changed dramatically: behavioral analysis has replaced the complex, long, and illegible phrases. Now, you do not need to enter verification phrases – just check the confirmation box, and the verification is completed. In the case of suspicious activity, you will be prompted to take simple actions, for example, select images with people on them or shop windows. The convenience of the new method was appreciated by many users.

Recaptcha 2 in Joomla

In the popular CMS, Joomla Recaptcha is implemented by a system plugin, so you should select it in the CMS settings, activate the plugin, and enter the keys received. After that, both system components can access Google Captcha as well as various third-party modules and extensions (Virtuemart, third-party contact forms, Jcomments, and others).

WordPress and Recaptcha from Google

When it comes to WordPress, the situation is different: by default, Akismet is proposed as a solution to combat spam; it may sometimes skip spam and do not work in the best way, but still having it is better than running a website without a single protection means. Recaptcha exists with separate plugins that can add a protective field to comments, authorization or registration forms, as well as compatibility with the contact form.

Recaptcha on Any Site

There is nothing complicated in implementing a Recaptcha in any module or a self-written comment form. The site has a detailed API on how to implement the necessary verification. There is usually no problem with placing the code on the front-end; however, not everyone can correctly send the request for checking the secret key.

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