Microsoft doubles Windows 10 storage requirements

With the upcoming May 2019 update, Microsoft will raise a minimum required storage space for installing Windows 10.

7GB of disk space; May 2019 update

Windows 10 OS will now require 32GB of storage for both architectures. Until now, the storage requirement for 32-bit OS was 16GB and 20GB for 64-bit versions. Customers that use a low cost 32GB SSD storage laptops will have to upgrade their storage in order to use the latest version of Windows 10 OS. Luckily, Microsoft is working on a Windows 10 Lite variant that should require less storage space.

Along with this, the May 2019 update will now reserve an additional 7GB of storage space required for updates and critical patches. Additionally, some users will not be able to upgrade if they are using external storage.

Microsoft stated that inappropriate drive reassignment can occur on eligible computers that use external USB drives or SD memory cards attached to the system during the installation of the May 2019 update. Because of this, those computers will be blocked from receiving the latest major update.

Besides many new features, May 2019 update brings many security updates and improvements, and therefore customers with low storage machines will be simply forced to upgrade their SSD drives.

On a bright side, SSD drives are cheaper than ever these days, so upgrading the storage shouldn’t be much of a problem.

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