Microsoft Edge browser hacked three times!

At a top hacking competition Tianfu Cup held in China, Microsoft’s Edge browser was hacked 3 times. Luckily, the hacked Edge browser is the “old” one that is based on Microsoft’s EdgeHTML rendering engine. As you already know, Microsoft is replacing its own Edge HTML rendering engine with Google’s Chromium browser engine.

Unfortunately, Microsoft’s Edge was not the only browser that was hacked during the Tianfu Cup competition. Google’s Chrome browser was exploited twice while Apple’s Safari browser and Microsoft Office 365 were exploited only once.

Team 360Vulcan won the competition for their efforts and exploiting vulnerabilities in Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Office 365, qemu+Ubuntu, VMWare Workstation, and Adobe PDF reader which brought them $382,500. This team has also given up on their attempt in exploiting iOS which was scheduled before the end of the tournament.

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