Microsoft and Intel’s latest security updates on Meltdown and Spectre issues

Intel’s security updates will now be available as part of the Microsoft Update Catalog. This only became an option because Microsoft has been trying to make the microcode updates more available everywhere and as a reaction to the news from Intel that they have developed a new version of firmware updates in order for the Meltdown and Spectre on Skylake processors to be repaired.


The company announced that they will be offering additional microcode updates whenever and as soon as Intel makes them available. Intel’s security updates for Skylake devices will be available to download through the mentioned Catalog, creating a more accessible atmosphere and hopefully, satisfied users.

Spectre and Meltdown present real vulnerability and that had to be addressed. These deficiencies apply to both firmware and software. And even though there have been some attempts to improve security updates and to take them to a more efficient level, the conclusion is that only with time and a better cooperation between Microsoft, PC OEM, who are on top of their game when it comes to computer chips and even AV vendors, to create a long-lasting solution that would bring satisfactory results when it comes to patching up all modern CPUs.

Microsoft has always excelled in their attempts to make the tools for protection against the vulnerabilities that Spectre and Meltdown present more available. The goal had always been to offer it globally and make it more efficient and they have been working with various industry partners to achieve this goal. Lastly, it is the users who also need to be informed of the newest protection available and all this information can be located on Microsoft website and also in the form of many guidance articles online.

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