Microsoft released Windows 10 19H1 with Sandbox mode

Microsoft has just released a new build of Windows 10 v18305 19H1 for Insiders which includes a new Sandbox mode.

windows sandbox mode

According to Microsoft, this is the last major build for Insiders this year and only further Cumulative Updates will be released as needed.

This update comes with a huge changelog bringing many new features to the latest Windows 10 operating system.

One of the new features worth mentioning is a Windows Sandbox mode, which basically is a lightweight desktop environment where you can run apps in isolated mode.

Imagine Windows Sandbox mode like a lightweight virtual machine where you can run and test untrusted software downloaded from the internet without the fear of infecting your device or in worst case losing your data.

Any software that is installed in the Sandbox mode, stays in it and cannot affect your host/Windows 10 installation in any way. Once closed, all software in the Sandbox mode gets permanently deleted.

Sandbox is a part of Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise versions and there is no need for additional VHD downloads.

Each time you run Windows Sandbox mode it runs as a clean Windows installation and nothing persists on the device as all changes are discarded once the application is closed.

Windows Sandbox is also very secure as it uses Microsoft Hypervisor or hardware-based virtualization for kernel isolation. Therefore, Sandbox mode is completely isolated from your host Windows installation.

It requires at least 4GB of RAM, 1GB of free disk space and virtualization has to be enabled in BIOS.

To enable the Windows Sandbox mode, from the Start menu run Add or remove programs and n the right pane click on Programs and Features.

In the left pane select Turn Windows features on or off.

Scroll down and check the Windows Sandbox checkbox.

Restart your machine.

Along with the Windows Sandbox mode, Windows Security app also gets updated features like New Protection History experience and Tamper protection. Tamper protection is a new setting for Windows Defender Antivirus that prevents other services from tampering with important security features.

Other new features include a new look for Clipboard history, password-less Microsoft accounts, recommended troubleshooting, shadows, many updates to File Explorer etc.

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