Not updating apps may result in serious security risks

Many Windows users avoid updating the applications they are using on their computers. To most, this either represents a task they simply do not wish to complete or it is an action which is continuously being postponed. What most are not aware of though is that their choice to not update or their lack of interest may result in serious security risks for their PC.


Running programs and applications which are out of date may result in a serious breach of security and includes failing to carry out basic maintenance. Sadly, this also includes some of Microsoft’s own services.

OS updating is in most cases carried out by Microsoft’s monthly patch which automatically updates but this does not include other programs which need to be updated manually.

A survey that had been carried out by Avast, a well-known security company, and which included over a 150 million PC’s showed that more than 50 % of all programs and apps which are used regularly have not been updated when necessary and therefore are a serious security threat. Such programs represent a dramatic vulnerability for PC’s, in the private sector and the business one alike.

Windows 7 represents the biggest problem, mostly because of its popularity which makes most users unwilling to part with it. It is also the least bit updated version since it is Microsoft’s decade-old platform. In 2020, Microsoft will end all security support for it which should result in users turning to Windows 10, making security a priority again.

However, the security issues will always be a problem, as long as users, no matter the programs and application they are using, do not take personal responsibility for their PC and its security by taking the trouble to check regularly for updates and making sure they have them installed.

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