AMD graphics card, random black screen issue

Recently I started experiencing random black screen on my monitor. I couldn’t really tell when this started happening, but I have presumed that it is a monitor, HDMI cable, HDMI connector or AMD graphic card driver issue.

I can’t really tell when this started, but I presume it was after I have installed Windows 10 v1809 from scratch. With the new installation Windows downloaded and installed WHQL drivers for my graphics card AMD Radeon R9 200 series. The version of the driver was 17.x.x. Unfortunately, I haven’t made a screenshot in time to be sure.

What is interesting is that the Event Log didn’t have any entries about the driver issues. However, I have decided to try to solve this issue by updating the AMD graphic card drivers. Once I have downloaded and installed the new driver version which currently is 19.1.2, I haven’t experienced any random black screen issues since. Although, it is still early to say, considering that I didn’t have those issues constantly.

Anyway, hopefully, this article will help all of you with similar random black screen issues.

I have also found a possible bug when trying to update the graphics card drivers using the AMD Radeon settings. Just check the screenshot below 🙂

random black screen

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