How to Add a Folder of Music on ITunes

How to Add a Folder of Music on ITunes in 6 Steps

Many people wonder how they can manage their music that has not been acquired through iTunes by means of iTunes. You, probably, know that ripping CDs and importing music from other sources are some of the options you can utilize to add music to the iTunes library. Nonetheless, often users find themselves unable to import certain music files to iTunes through the aforementioned ways. This problem can be fixed by adding a folder of music to the program.

Step 1
For starters, you should launch your iTunes. If you still haven’t got an updated version of the program, you are encouraged to download iTunes for Windows or for Mac. Make sure the menu is visible to you. Head to iTunes and view your music library. You can do it under any of the music tabs, i.e. albums, songs, or performers. In the top left corner of your screen, you can find the traditional menu that is half filled in. Click on this menu and wait for the drop-down menu to pop up. Scroll down it and choose “Show Menu Bar.” After that, you should go back to the traditional menu that is to appear at the top of your screen.
● In case you can see the menu bar from the beginning, feel free to skip this step.

Step 2
Next, you should locate the folder you want to add to iTunes. To do it, you are required to search your PC outside of iTunes to find the music you are planning to transfer. To make the process more comfortable, we suggest moving the necessary folder to an easy-to-find place such as your desktop.

Step 3
Your next step involves checking the compatibility of the chosen music files with iTunes. You need to check your music compositions’ extension. You shouldn’t have problems with importing files in AAC, MP3, WAV, AIFF, AA or M4A, which are fully compatible with the program. If you happen to have WMI music files, iTunes will be able to do the job for you and convert it to another compatible format. Otherwise, it will be necessary for you to manually convert your music into the format iTunes can use prior to adding them to the program.

Step 4
After that, you can start adding the new folder to iTunes. You should select the “File” option. Those trying to do this on a Mac will see “Add to Library,” while those using Windows will see the “Add Folder to Library” option. You are to click on the appropriate option and head to the browsing window that should open.
● Please, note that by selecting the “Add File to Library” option you will be able to add only a single musical composition to your iTunes.

Step 5
Then, navigate to the created folder. In the pop-up window, you should look for the file folder with the previously selected music. After that, highlight the appropriate folder and scroll to the bottom of the window. There, you should click “Select Folder.”
● In case you decide to avail yourself of the “Add File to Library” option, you can press Shift and select as many items as you want to add to iTunes. Upon doing so, you can quickly transfer the entire folder of the chosen composition directly to iTunes.

Step 6
Search for the folder you want to add to the library. You should click “Select Folder.” After that, the browsing window should close automatically and you will be able to get back to your music library. In several seconds, the newly imported folder should be reflected in the iTunes library. We suggest that you try playing any of the added tracks to make sure your music files have been properly copied.

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