Google Chrome now supports Windows 10 notification center

After a thorough testing, a popular web browser Google Chrome will finally support Windows 10 Notification center by default.

Windows 10 notification center

This means that all Google Chrome notifications will now go directly to the Windows 10 Notification Center. This feature is currently rolled out to around 50% of the latest Google Chrome version (v68.x) users, while the rest will receive this feature in the upcoming days.

Google Chrome’s notifications will now cohere with Windows 10’s Focus Assist feature which mutes notifications during “do-not-disturb” mode or when playing games. If you still don’t see Chrome notifications in Windows 10 Notifications Center, open Google Chrome, navigate to: chrome://flags and enable “Native Notifications”

Windows 10 notification center

Although Chrome now supports Windows 10 notifications we’ll still have to wait for Mozilla and Google browsers to be updated and thus support Microsoft’s latest Timeline feature. For now, only Microsoft Edge browser supports the Timeline feature (wonders 🙂

If you can’t wait for the native support, a new extension for Chrome is available. Timeline support extension brings Chrome browsing history to Windows 10’s timeline feature and it’s pretty good.

The Timeline feature syncs documents, files and web pages between Windows 10 devices that use the same Microsoft account so you can continue your work where you left off.

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