Safe Import of vCard Data To Outlook

Today, when almost every aspect of human reality is digitized, business cards are no exception. Although printed cards are still exchanged at networking events, their electronic copies are much more common. Compact and lightweight, these files contain all the necessary contact details and maybe moved between different mail clients.

The process, however, includes its own hidden obstacles. Despite the ubiquity of the .vcf or .vcard files, it is always best to use specialized tools for the migration. For example, learn how to transfer vCard to Outlook on, which offers a perfectly reliable solution. But why not try to conduct the transfer by yourself?

Import of vCard Data To Outlook

Convenience of vCards

The format is incredibly handy, and you would prefer to keep using it for the following reasons:

  • easy distribution — either on the web or by email;
  • support by multiple apps;
  • compact but comprehensive nature.

You could attempt the transfer manually, but if the number of contacts is big, automated tools are decidedly superior. For example, consider the benefits of vCard to Outlook Transfer.

Key Advantages

With this specialized tool, migration is effortless and smooth, and hundreds of contacts can be moved in seconds. You have a choice between exporting to Outlook and saving data as an individual PST file for future conversion. Here are some of the most prominent benefits you stand to gain:

  • Incredible Speed

Your time is saved, as the process will only consume seconds. You are a few clicks away from the successful importing of the required data.

  • Error-free

The probability of error is minimal, which ensures each of your business cards is transferred in full. There is no need to worry about popup issues. The conversion is quick and accurate regardless of the file structure.

  • Clear and Simple

The intuitive nature of the tool means you do not need to be a tech pro to use it correctly. A single-screen interface with only a few buttons available makes the procedure simple. All you need to do is find the folder containing .vcf files on your device, and let the tool handle the rest. The software comes with a user manual, which describes every step and menu option.

  • No Deceptive Additions

There are no annoying browser add-ons or unnecessary software installed in the process against your will.

  • Comprehensive Compatibility

The product works with any version of the mail client, and it is perfectly compatible with all popular editions of Windows (including 64-bit).

Import of vCard Data To Outlook

Manual Alternative

Naturally, it is possible to perform the operation manually, with no need for additional tools. Simply run the Outlook client and make use of its Import option.

The obvious drawback is the immense amount of time spent. As the program will only allow to transfer one .vcf file at a time, rather than a full folder, the task is likely to turn tedious. For users with hundreds of contacts in their address book, manual migration is simply out of the question.

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