ScanTransfer, when only a good Wi-Fi connection is needed

In this modern digital era, everything we know and do is connected with downloading, sharing, saving and protecting. There is never enough space for our gadgets to keep everything we like and even though our mobile phone has been expanding, memory wise, there truly is never enough space on it.

There is always the solution to transfer our data to a computer or laptop, but guess what? In order to do that you again have to install the right app on your phone.

With ScanTransfer there is no need to do that. You can transfer everything you like using only a Wi-Fi connection, without having to install an app.

This is a very simple, yet extremely smart software that is about to change the way we look at data transfer. It works in a way that makes your life easy and at the same time the transfer is fast and efficient.

First, run the ScanTransfer on your PC, scan the QR code using your phone and that is basically all there is to it. You choose what data you want to transfer and it is all there, in the folder on your desktop. One other advantage of ScanTransfer is that there are no limits.

You can transfer only one photo or it can be a million, it is all up to you. It uses a local web server and when you scan the QR code, it opens a local web application on your PC. Furthermore, when you start your transfer, it downloads the files and saves them on your computer.

What makes this process amazing is just how transparent, simple and seamless it is.  Another good side to ScanTransfer is that is it completely safe and the reason for that is that everything is happening in your local network ( LAN ) and there is no one else involved so there will be no data leakage.

Lastly, ScanTransfer uses iOS and Android phones because of their ability to scan a QR code. You can install a QR reader app on your phone and after scanning it will ask where you want your data transferred from. It can be from your camera, for live shots, Camcorder, Voice Recorder or Documents. You are in complete control and the safety of your files is guaranteed.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article.

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