Windows XP gains market share

According to the latest NetMarketShare stats, Windows XP gained some market share, while Windows 7 lost some in the previous month.

Windows 7 dropped from 49.46% of the market share to 49.04%, while Windows XP gained 1.28% jumping from 5.66% to 6.94% of market share.

windows xp


This XP increase could be related to the latest ransomware virus attacks. It appears that a lot of users are using Windows XP offline and that those were plugged online to receive the latest OS patches.

Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest OS, has also received a small gain in market share in June, but only 0.02% that means from 26.78% to 26.80%

Overall, both Windows and Mac OS lost some of the shares, with Windows dropping from 91.64% to 91.55%, while Linux seemed to have regained the lost market share, increasing it from 1.99% to 2.36%.

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