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Our Giveaway winners are Flanio R Sousa, Philip Jones, Gerald Moller, Rui Domingo, and Florian Krieg.
Congratulations to our winners!

WinRAR, one of the most popular and powerful file compression archiving utilities features another giveaway on Just like before, we will share 5 perpetual licenses for the latest WinRAR 5.80 version. Perpetual licenses are version limited for the latest version of WinRAR and will work a lifetime for the current 5.80 version and related minor upgrades.

winrar 5.80

WinRAR is a well known and complete software solution that offers a full set of features for opening, creating, manipulating and managing various types of compressed files through its intuitive and streamlined interface, and it works quickly, smoothly and efficiently. WinRAR consistently ends up at the top of the list when it comes to programs of this type, and the generous trial period means there’s no real reason not to check it out.

WinRAR team is continuously working on improvements to enhance the application usability and to provide a multifunctional, user-friendly program, with an intuitive interface that features state-of-the-art options for downsizing, extracting all common archive file types, securing, restoring, fixing, sharing, and managing data.

With that said the latest WinRAR 5.80 version brings further developed and refined options for time settings and backup that were introduced in previous application versions. These features can be important for backup reasons as well as for crime and forensic examiners that have the need to save files with maximum details, such as the full Unicode pathname, 3 timestamps, and NTFS alternate streams while keeping the original file timestamps intact. Another improvement brings increased speed in archiving large NTFS alternate data streams on multi-core CPUs.

Additionally, the “Find” command has been further improved. Previously, a set password was required each time when extracting encrypted files directly from the “Search results”, even if all files belonged to the same archive. Now, the password is only requested once per archive and the user can also search among UTF-8 files, which was not supported before. Also, the case-insensitive search is now performed noticeably faster for big archived data.

Other improvements for the command-line mode have been made to increase usability and speed. For example, when users are performing backups with the rar.exe tool, the combination of modifiers will be more convenient and will save the user time. While carrying out backups and wanting to save the last modified and created timestamp, users can now combine several modifiers into a single switch.

In conclusion, the new version of WinRAR should most definitely make everyone’s lives easier as this is one of the most commonly used applications and improvements were awaited with eagerness. It is also important to note that it is available in over 40 different languages and has a very wide range of compatibility, from Windows, Android, Linux, FreeBSD to MAC OS X.

WinRAR really stands out as a very useful compression tool. It offers safety and stability which is crucial when it comes to saving and sharing information. And it keeps adding improvements, creating and extracting multi-volume files without a flaw.

WinRAR 5.80 64-bit can be downloaded HERE while WinRAR 5.80 32-bit can be downloaded HERE.

As already said, will provide 5 WinRAR 5.80 perpetual licenses for our readers. To enter this giveaway please like WinRAR and WinCert Facebook pages at:

Also, please leave a comment below with your full name and email (email will remain hidden).

Winners will be announced on January, 19th 2020.
Good luck!

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57 Responses

  1. Gerald Moller says:

    LOVE WinRAR, used it for a lot of years and it’s top notch.

  2. Woma says:

    Winrar a top tool

  3. Sotiris Kazas says:

    Still using it after 9+years. Never failed to meet expectations.

  4. gatot susilo says:

    winRAR the best compression tool i’ve known.

  5. Gheorghe Daniel Razoare says:

    I love winrar. I know it for more than 15 years

  6. thank you
    We hope, God willing, to win

  7. Muhammad Asfand says:

    Winrar was the first compression tool I used and it was perfect

  8. Win Rar is simply the best!

  9. François Kaïo says:

    Using Winrar since the 90’s. Still love it!

  10. Florian Krieg says:

    I use WinRAR every Day. It would be great, to have a License.

  11. Thuc says:

    The app helful eveyday

  12. WinRAR is an essential tool in the field of data archiving and compression tools. A reference, to be discovered in trial version, which supports the vast majority of compression formats. Today impossible to work under windows without Winrar.

  13. Tony Tsang says:

    thank you
    We hope, God willing, to win

  14. John Snaterse says:

    Still using WinRar 3.8, time for a newer version.

  15. João Pedro Viegas says:

    Winrar 4ever! Since the 90’s

  16. Angel Velichkov says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! WinRAR is my favorite archiver!

  17. Zoltán Jóni says:

    Simply the best! Thank you for the giveaway! ^_^

  18. Ottavio Ania says:

    WinRAR is the best compression software

  19. Mike says:

    WinRAR is a great compression software.

  20. Randy Alain says:

    WinRAR is the best archiving software in the planet. Thanks and hope to win.

  21. Hania Balewicz says:

    Thank you for the giveaway.
    WinRAR is the best archiviser.

  22. Átila César says:


  23. Tarek says:

    Thanks a lot for the giveaway. I am using it since a long time. The best archiving software

  24. Sughosha says:

    I love WinRAR and using it from years. I want to have one licence for my favorite archiver.

  25. Yahya SALAMA says:

    Good job……….thanks

  26. Amit B. says:

    WinRAR is a great compression software.

  27. hakah says:

    Thanks for the Giveaway!
    WinRar is a must-to-have compression and decompression tool for pc users! liked and followed. liked and followed.

  28. simon soflemont says:

    I use winrar for 10 years and it’s the best in class !

  29. Akshay says:

    Thank you for the giveaway.
    WinRAR is the best archiver.

  30. nirmal says:

    Thanks a lot for the giveaway. The best archiving software!

  31. YURY KUZMIN says:

    Thanks for the giveaway.
    WinRAR is the most popular, convenient and easy-to-use archiver that supports all major archive formats and has a maximum speed and high data compression ratio.

    Liked WinRAR and WinCert on Facebook:

  32. Elijah Gale says:

    WinRAR is a great compression software. Hope I win. Thanks for this contest.

  33. Andrzej Jan says:

    WnRAR is The Best!!!

  34. Alex says:

    Thanks for GiveAway

    facebook pages liked

  35. Brownie says:

    Good Giveaway! Thanks for it. Please count me in.

  36. michu says:

    WInRAR is the best software in it’s kind. Thanks

  37. Martin says:

    Best compression soft with user friendly gui.

  38. ismail says:

    Great software i need this.

  39. david b mcwilliams says:

    thanks for the giveaway

  40. engerex says:

    WinRAR very nice compression tools. Need all computers.

  41. Petr Cris says:

    Thank you for the giveaway.
    WinRAR is the best software for archiving.

  42. Bronwen says:

    WinRAR is a prefect compress and decompress software.

  43. cyberyeye says:

    Great piece of software, light, stable, nice gui, imho Winrar is defacto far better than any other commercial archiver software !

    – I don’t have Facebook/Twitter account and I will never have one (I hate all those so called ‘social network’)
    – I really hope you guys (admin or giaway manager) here at WinCert (a top and fair computing website/forum) will do some exception about this WinRar giveaway for long time Wincert signin members wich are NOT social network users to allowing us to participate 🙂

    • Nik says:

      Hi cyberyeye,
      thanks for your comment. Even though I agree with you these are the giveaway terms we received from WinRAR and we have to follow them. I’ll see what I can do in the next giveaway!

  44. Philip Jones says:

    My favt compression program.Thank you for the Giveaway.

  45. Alex says:

    Already liked. Thanks to RarLab amd WinCert for this nice contest and this chance!

  46. DHRUV GUPTA says:

    Winrar is one of the best and lightweight and feature rich archiving utility with ease to use interface.

  47. Thank you for the contest.
    I need a free WinRAR 5.80 license to work with various archive formats. WinRAR provides high speed and good data compression.
    WinRAR is a simple and highly functional archiver.

  48. Daniel Augusto says:

    Muito bom é o melhor compactador

  49. Jacek says:

    WinRAR is a great program for compression.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  50. rui domingo says:

    Winrar is a top tool – would be glad to win.

  51. Sweety says:

    Thank you for the giveaway.
    WnRAR is The Best.

  52. Francois Kaio says:

    Winrar is a great tool

  53. Simon Jaynes says:

    WinRAR is the best compression tool out there.

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