Seagate announced BarraCuda Pro with 12TB storage

Almost every line of business today requires some form of computer skill, knowledge, and assets. One of the most valuable assets has always been and always will be – storage. It is hard to make compromises when it comes to storage because it is something you can never have enough of.

barracuda pro

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The good news is that there will be no need for such compromise since Seagate has released a new hard disk drive that can actually hold an impressive 12 TB of memory.

This amazing hard disk drive is called the BarraCuda Pro and it was specially designed for creative business fields, in which professionals need to save a lot of material in form of videos and photo files and also need to be able to access it fast and without problems so they don’t have to interrupt their creative workflow.

Baracuda Pro is also a good solution for storing AR, VR hype type of media as well because its speed is 7,200 rpm and loading time has been drastically decreased because of the 256 MB cache size feature.

Furthermore, BarraCuda Pro is a part of a whole series of storage hard drives called the Guardian Series and together with IronWolf hard drive they offer high capacity storage, file sharing as well as remote access points.

Although this might not be the best choice for everyday users who do not have the need for such large storage capacity and who might not be too happy with the above average and yet very reasonable price, Seagate has definitely released a nice surprise when it comes to hard drives, truly appreciated only by those professionals who know the struggle of having little storage space.

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