Microsoft starts rolling Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to Insiders

Microsoft has started rolling the final version of Fall Creators Update to “Release Preview Ring” Windows Insiders. This update has already been released for Fast and Slow ring Insiders with the build number 16299.15.

Some of the Insiders from the Release Preview weren’t able to install this update instantly. Microsoft said that they’re rolling out this update over the course of the next few days and asks for patience until the update becomes available for everyone.

Fall Creators update will bring a lot of new features like Files On-Demand, My People and Windows Mixed reality.

Files On-Demand is probably the most exciting feature that comes with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Files On-Demand allows you to see entire contents of your OneDrive without the need to download a single file. You are also able to edit a file from your local OneDrive folder just like you’re used to be doing with local files and folders. Once the file has been edited it will automatically be uploaded to your OneDrive account and the local temp file will be deleted. In this way, users will have the same experience as they’re working with local files.

My People is a new taskbar feature that acts as a hub for your social apps. It allows you to pin your favorite contacts to the taskbar, supports live emoji on your desktop etc.

Windows Mixed Reality allows you to interact with your PC using “Cliffs Hours” which is a virtual home that’s been build for Mixed Reality World. You’ll be able to use applications in a 3D environment pin apps to walls and move in virtual space.

With the release of Fall Creators update hardware makers like Dell, HP and Acer will probably launch new Mixed Reality headsets and motion controllers.

Windows 10 Fall Creators update will reach general availability on October, 17.


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