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    microsoft app to exe

    Anybody know how to convert a microsoft app to an exe so i could run them on windows xp? when i copy the exe file for microsoft apps, it will say must run in context of the app container. HELP!!! Can't find solution on google.
  2. Great! I installed it and i can run the progman! i want to know what is the registry thing? actually why when ever i try running progman from windows 3.1, it says app can't run on your computer, what did you do to remove the error?
  3. program manager? what is that, never heard of it. it is not microsoft i guess. don't know how to install, no installer, all zip files. i copy progman to sys32 and it throws ma an error.
  4. Nirav Narang

    hi everyone

    hi, am Nirav Narang, I am 31 years old and am new to this fourm. I don't know what else to say but please support me. cheers. Have a NICE day
  5. Nirav Narang

    Windows WinStyle 2009 - Translation project

    hi everyone, it the project still alive? or is finished or died?
  6. Nirav Narang

    New Office 2019 Download Links

    OMG, why you everywhere, do you have the dl for office 2019 pro plus and visio pro and project pro?
  7. good to know, ms really did alot to protect their products
  8. Nirav Narang

    hi everyone

    also, i see other people have different ranking, like Wanderer, Priest, Sorceror and other stuff, what are they and how do you get up? thx
  9. Nirav Narang

    [Project] Windows 8 Pro with Windows 7 Shell

    That was great man! one thing is the dl for wrp.dll was bad, please update it. also, what do you use to create the iso file and how do you make it bootable?
  10. Please give me some of those keys (if you don't mind)! pls
  11. Nirav Narang

    [Project] Windows 8 Pro with Windows 7 Shell

    hi thats great mate! am not asking for the download but pls tell me how you make this. i wanna try it on my vm.