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    WTK Source Code

    The source code for WinToolkit can be found below: WinToolkit v1: https://github.com/Legolash2o/WinToolkit_v1 Sorry for the rubbish code for v1. It was written when I first start C# and did not fully know about proper object oriented programming. The topic for WTK v2 source code can be found here.
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    WTK v2 Source Code

    The source code for WinToolkit v2 can be found below: WinToolkit v2: https://github.com/Legolash2o/WinToolkit_v2 The topic for WTK v1 source code can be found here.
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    Updated, 4.8.4042.4 (KB4519568)
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    WinToolkit has been released https://www.win-unattended.de/app.php/dlext/?view=detail&df_id=146
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    Updated, VC++ 2019 - 14.22.27821
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    Updated VC++ 2019: 14.24.28127.4
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    Component Remover

    This tool lets you remove built-in Windows packages from your image, for example Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center or Internet Explorer. The difference between this and vLite is that this tool uninstalls them the official way rather than remove files the downside is that the image does not shrink as much as just removing the files. It also lets you remove old updates. WARNING: Anything you remove using this tool can't be undone, it is permanent! Step 1: When you first open up this tool you will be asked to select the image you wish to work with. Click 'Browse' and select the install.wim you wish to work with and then either click on the item Windows version you want and press select or just double click. Once done, the image will start to mount and retrieve all available packages within the image, it will not show ones which have already been removed. Note: You may notice that this list has more than the list available in 'All-In-One Integrator', this is because in the AIO i have only included the basics, whilst Component Remover will include everything, including updates. Step 2: Select the items you want to remove Once all the items have been listed, you can select the components you wish to remove. Green: Safe to remove. Yellow: Unknown, be careful removing these Red:This will break something, something depends on this feature but it will hopefully say what it is. Step 3: Begin Once you have everything selected, you can now click 'Remove Components', once done it will rescan and shows you what's left in the image. Step 4: Save Once done, you can go ahead and close the tool, click 'Yes' and it will ask you if you want to save the image, i recommend you to 'Save & Rebuild', however if you are going to be working on more than one image then just rebuild once you're done with your last image.
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    New version 1.7 - Included August 2019 Cumulative Update (KB4512506) - Included new version of NET Framework 4.8 as Microsoft rereleased it (old file ndp48-x86-x64-allos-enu.exe should be removed from hotfixes folder) - Included new version of SHA2 support (KB4474419-v2) - Included Windows Help program (KB917607) - Included Microsoft NVMe drivers (KB2990941 and KB3087873) They are disabled by default, but could be enabled by editing Integrate7.cmd and changing set AddNVMe=0 to set AddNVMe=1 --> Link <---
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    Updated VC++ 2019: 14.22.27807
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    Win Toolkit Version is Available Changelog: * Added "Tweaks" - Show Taskbar Clock seconds * Added "Services" - Assigned Access Manager Service * Added "Services" - Auto Time Zone Update Service * Added "Services" - Bluetooth Audio Gateway Service * Added "Services" - Capture Service * Added "Services" - Connected Devices Platform Service * Added "Services" - Connected Devices Platform User Service * Added "Services" - Connected User Eperiences and Telemetry Service * Added "Services" - Contact Data Service * Added "Services" - Data Sharing Service * Added "Services" - Data Usage Service * Added "Services" - Delivery Optimation Service * Added "Services" - DevQuery Background Discovery Broker Service * Added "Services" - Diagnostic Execution Service * Added "Services" - Embedded Mode Service * Added "Services" - Enterprise App Management Service * Added "Services" - File History Service * Added "Services" - GameDVR and Broadcast User Service * Added "Services" - Gelocation Service * Added "Services" - Graphics Performance Service * Added "Services" - Infrared Monitor Service * Added "Services" - Messaging Service * Added "Services" - Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant Service * Added "Services" - Microsoft App-V Client Service * Added "Services" - Microsoft Passport Service * Added "Services" - Microsoft Passport Container Service * Added "Services" - Natural Authentification Service * Added "Services" - Network Connected Devices Auto-Setup Service * Added "Services" - Network Connection Broker Service * Added "Services" - Optimize Drives Service * Added "Services" - Phone Service * Added "Services" - Radio Mangement Service * Added "Services" - Shared PC Account Manager Service * Added "Services" - Spatial Data Service * Added "Services" - Spot Verifier Service * Added "Services" - Storage Spaces Service * Added "Services" - Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Service * Added "Services" - Update Orchestrator Service for Windows Update * Added "Services" - User Data Access Service * Added "Services" - User Experience Virtualization Service * Added "Services" - Wallet Service * Added "Services" - Windows Camera Frame Service * Added "Services" - Windows Connection Manager Service * Added "Services" - Work Folders Service * Added "Services" - Xbox Game Monitoring Service
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    Updated SxS 2008/2005 addons
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    Version released. Download on first post. * FIX: Enable Legacy .NET Framework [Win 8/10]
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    Works great even with Simplix UpdatePack 19.12.19(old one at this point).
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    Hello, Voici le changelog de cet ultime Patch Tuesday de Windows 7 : Security Monthly Quality Rollup : KB4534310 remplace KB4530734 et KB2862335 (classic) KB4536952 service stack remplace KB4531786 DNF 3.5.1 : KB4532945 remplace KB4507004 Je publierai les ULs mises à jour après une dernière salve de tests, puis je pense qu'il sera l'heure de clore ce topic ! Je vais supprimer toutes mes machines virtuelles de 7. Pour ceux qui sont tentés d'installer les mises à jour destinées aux entreprises, celles-ci ne sont pas intégrables offline. Mais vous pourrez toujours vous servir des ULs pour créer votre ISO de base. Personnellement, je ne testerai pas, je garde un mauvais souvenir de XP WEPOS avec sa lenteur et ses bugs à répétition, j'ai bien peur qu'il en sera de même pour 7. Sinon, je vous recommande de passer sur 10, qui est plus rapide que 7, même sur une machine ancienne... et moins de mises à jour à intégrer ! En tout cas, un grand merci à tous ceux qui ont participé à m'aider à maintenir ces ULs par leurs conseils, leurs retours, et la correction des divers bugs que je n'avais pas remarqué ! Now it's time to close this topic, I'll delete all my 7 virtual machines. For those who want to install updates destinated to extend enterprises support, they aren't integrable offline, but you can use ULs to create your base ISO. I won't test them since I found that XP WEPOS was very buggy and slow, I think it will be the case with 7 You can install 10 even in an old machine (but 8 GB of RAM and a SSD disk are better), it's faster than 7 and takes less disk space. A lot of thanks to all of those who helped me to maintain ULs with their suggestions, feedback and bug reports.
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    For a definite answer, you might want to contact Microsoft and ask them when they plan to shut down the downloads API. Everything else is speculation. (My personal speculation is that it's too late. But let's wait and see what happens on 1 February.)
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    Notepad++ 7.8.2 Dual x86x64 [Desatendido]Multi Acerca de Notepad ++ es un editor de código fuente y reemplazo de Bloc de notas que admite varios idiomas. Funcionando en el entorno de MS Windows, su uso se rige por la licencia GPL. Basado en el potente componente de edición Scintilla, Notepad ++ está escrito en C ++ y utiliza API Win32 pura y STL que asegura una mayor velocidad de ejecución y un tamaño de programa más pequeño. Al optimizar tantas rutinas como sea posible sin perder la facilidad de uso, Notepad ++ está tratando de reducir las emisiones mundiales de dióxido de carbono. Al usar menos potencia de la CPU, la PC puede reducir el consumo de energía y reducir el consumo de energía, lo que resulta en un entorno más ecológico. Cambios en 7.8.0: Actualizar Scintilla de 4.1.4 a 4.2.0 Solucione el problema de codificación no Unicode en un idioma no occidental (chino o turco). Agregue las opciones "No a todo" y "Sí a todo" en el cuadro de diálogo Guardar. Agregue el argumento de la línea de comando "-openFoldersAsWorkspace" para abrir carpetas en el panel "carpeta como espacio de trabajo". Ejemplo: notepad ++ -openFoldersAsWorkspace \ src \ myProj01 \ src \ myProj02 Mejorar el sistema de complementos: permita que cualquier complemento cargue archivos DLL privados desde la carpeta de complementos. Se corrigió el error de cambio de nombre de archivo cuando el nuevo nombre está en una unidad diferente. Haga que “Borrar todas las marcas”, “Marcador inverso”, “Eliminar líneas duplicadas consecutivas” y “Buscar todo el documento actual” sean grabables en macro. Haga que el cuadro de mensaje "Ayuda de argumento de comando" sea modal. Solucione los problemas de Carpeta en el espacio de trabajo y "desbordamiento de cola". Haga que la fuente Combobox sea monoespacio en el diálogo Buscar. Se corrigió el plegado en los idiomas definidos por el usuario para los finales de línea que no son de Windows. Solucione el bloqueo de la carpeta como espacio de trabajo cuando se producen demasiados cambios de directorio. La solución 'nos -nosession' sobrescribe el problema config.xml. Solucione el bloqueo debido al mensaje NPPM_DESTROYSCINTILLAHANDLE. Mejore la GUI en el cuadro de diálogo Buscar para los botones Buscar anterior y Buscar siguiente. Fijar línea de clasificación como regresión de enteros. Agregue más información del sistema operativo para depurar la información. Solucione problemas de arrastre de pestañas en WINE y ReactOS. Los indicadores de sangría fijos continúan siguiendo los bloques de código para Python. Soluciona el problema de colapso plegable de Python. Se corrigió el bloqueo al ordenar columnas "fuera de rango". Se corrigió encontrar 2 veces la misma ocurrencia en el problema de documentos originales y clonados. Solucione problemas de línea de comandos donde los nombres de archivo tienen múltiples espacios en blanco. Arregle Document Peeker cambiando constantemente el problema de enfoque. Haga que la casilla de verificación hacia atrás esté también en la pestaña Marcar del cuadro de diálogo Buscar. Agregue 2 nuevas columnas para el código HTML en el Panel de caracteres. Solucionar el problema "borrar todas las marcas en el diálogo de búsqueda también elimina los marcadores". Mejora el lenguaje admitido (en la lista de funciones o autocompletado): LISP, BaanC, (PL /) SQL y COBOL. Complementos incluidos: 1. NppExport v0.2.8 (32 bits x86 solamente) 2. Convertidor 4.2.1 3. Herramienta Mime 2.1 4. DSpellCheck 1.3.5 5.-Mime Tool 2.5 6.- WinGup (for Notepad++) v5.1 7.- Scintilla 4.2.0 Notepad++ 7.8.2 Dual x86x64 [Desatendido]Multi
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    If you want to make other reg files into nLite addons to pre-integrate use OnePiece Reg2Inf - https://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/9409-tool-dx-tool-x86x64/?tab=comments#comment-121332 Open up the INF file created with Reg2Inf and insert the INF entrys below [registry_addreg] into the template like the above file. https://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/7560-please-help-how-to-make-a-addon-that-will-apply-registry-tweaks-before-windows-starts/ https://www.nliteos.com/addons/index.html#registry_addreg
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    Windows 10 is not bad but most people still choose Windows 7 just like Windows XP a few years ago. I still like Windows XP a lot although it is quite outdated now. I wouldn't download an image made for another model but I don't think there will be any (major) problems with it.
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    It's an experimental feature. Downloads will be generated at an extremely slow rate to avoid being blocked by Microsoft. From the tests I've made, I'm confident that it's going to work, but only at a rate of one download per hour, for about 20,000 daily users... Therefore, chances for people to get the exact download they need might be a bit low. But if you need an Ultimate download, you can still go for a different edition (Home, Pro), and convert the iso file to an all-in-one file.
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    windows 7 complete unlocking

    I will upload it soon and since I have slow internet, please bear with me and I will send you a PM when done.
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    You grab a clean install.wim and modify that.
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    Jan Krohn

    windows 7 complete unlocking

    Sorry about the inconvenience. Unfortunately, Windows 7 is currently completely blocked. I've not had the time to remove the notification about the Wednesday availability from the tool. The DELL downloads are multilingual though and include the Italian language pack.
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    Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes

    Updated VC++ 2019: 14.22.27724.0
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    The new RealPlayer gives you the ability to download them all to your personal video playlist. Grab videos from thousands of Web sites with just one click. Watch them whenever you want and wherever you want. You can even burn your greatest hits to DVD. Find the Web video you want and Real it in. Most major formats are supported, including Real, Windows Media, Flash, and QuickTime. Fast Facts about the New RealPlayer: Innovative, single-click process to quickly download and save videos for later enjoyment. Download multiple videos simultaneously with RealPlayer, allowing people to save time and easily multitask. Users can also start downloading in the middle of watching a video, and the entire video will be captured. The new RealPlayer supports videos created in the most popular formats, including Flash, Windows Media, QuickTime, and Real. Easily burn videos to CD (or to DVD, using RealPlayer Plus). The Video CD format used by RealPlayer can be played in most DVD players. Send links of their favorite videos to your friends with a convenient "Share with a Friend" feature. The link that arrives in your friends' email will direct them to the online source of the video content their friend downloaded. RealPlayer supports both downloading and recording for popular streaming format (Windows Media, Real, and QuickTime) RealPlayer RealTimes Silent Install
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    DISM for Win 10

    Because the updatepack works ONLY on the install.wim. boot.wim manipulation was never intended or implemented. No conflicts. And anyway, servicing windows 8.1/10 isn't fully supported under windows 7. Conversely, windows 7/8.1/10 images can be serviced under windows 10. Simply having and using the adk from a newer OS doesn't provide full support for servicing newer OS images relative to the host OS.
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    MS-DOS Editor is back!

    I think it might just be better to provide a standalone portable MS-DOS Editor rather than having to install NTVDMx64 for 64-bit Windows users. Download here Project cancelled. No more downloads. It will create a temp file in the working directory so make sure that directory is not write protected. Some characters might not show correctly but I don't think that is a big issue. It can run within Command Prompt or standalone. The other good thing is it can interact with your system so you can copy text using notepad and paste into Edit or vice versa. Running in Command Prompt: Running standalone: Hope you like it, SnowBall
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    WinToolkit version released: https://www.win-unattended.de/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=73&sid=1fe1b8297a1911d63172ad99e6b7b206 Regards
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    Microsoft Edge on Windows 7

    It doesn't work on Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. The API was not supported. Microsoft will never remove Bing, because Office, Xbox, Windows and Bing are the souls of Microsoft.
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    7-Zip 19.00(32/64 bit) [Desatendido] [Multilenguaje]+ Themes 7-Zip es un código abierto archivador de ficheros con la alta relación de compresión predominantemente para el sistema operativo Microsoft Windows. Funciona bien como un programa de línea de comandos o con una interfaz gráfica de usuario. También cuenta con integración con el entorno de shell de Windows. 7-Zip es software libre, desarrollado por Igor Pavlov y distribuido bajo licencia GNU LGPL. Relación de compresión resultados son muy dependientes de los datos utilizados para las pruebas. Por lo general, 7-Zip comprime al formato 7z un 30-70% mejor que el formato zip. Y se comprime en formato zip 2-10% mejor que la mayoría de otros programas compatibles con cremallera. Este archivador de ficheros funciona en todos los sistemas operativos Windows, desde Windows NT a Windows 10 (32 bits y 64 bits). Características principales 7-Zip: Alta relación de compresión en el nuevo formato 7z con compresión LZMA y compresión LZMA2 Para formatos ZIP y GZIP, la relación de compresión proporcionada es 2-10% mejor que la proporción proporcionada por PKZip y WinZip Fuerte encriptación AES-256 en formatos 7z y ZIP Capacidad de autoextracción para el formato 7z Integración con Windows Shell Potente administrador de archivos Potente versión de línea de comando Plugin para FAR Manager Localizaciones para 88 idiomas Formatos admitidos: Embalaje / desembalaje: 7z, XZ, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, ZIP y WIM Desembalaje solamente: AR, ARJ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, CramFS, DMG, EXT, GRASA, GPT, HFS, IHEX, ISO, LZH, LZMA, MBR, MSI, NSIS, NTFS, QCOW2, RAR, RPM, SquashFS, UDF , UEFI, VDI, VHD, VMDK, WIM, XAR y Z. ► Se aumentó la velocidad para la compresión LZMA / LZMA2 en un 8% para niveles de compresión más rápidos / rápidos y en un 3% para niveles de compresión normales / máximos. ► 7-Zip ahora muestra la ventana de Propiedades (Información) y la ventana de resultados de CRC / SHA como una ventana de "vista de lista" en lugar de una ventana de "cuadro de mensaje". ► Algunas mejoras en el código zip, hfs y dmg. ► Las versiones anteriores de 7-Zip podrían funcionar incorrectamente en el modo "Páginas de memoria grandes" en Windows 10 debido a algunos BUG con "páginas grandes" en Windows 10. Ahora, 7-Zip no usa "Páginas grandes" en Windows 10 hasta la revisión 1709 (16299). ► Se corrigió la vulnerabilidad en el código de desempaquetado RAR (CVE-2018-10115). ► 7-Zip ahora puede usar multi-threading para decodificación xz, si hay múltiples bloques en xz stream. ► Nueva localización: Kabyle. ► Algunos errores fueron corregidos. Cambios en 7-Zip 19.00 2019-02-21: Se incrementó la fuerza de cifrado de los archivos 7z El tamaño del vector de inicialización aleatoria aumentó de 64 bits a 128 bits, y se mejoró el generador de números pseudoaleatorios. Algunos errores fueron corregidos. 7-Zip works in Windows 10 / 8 / 8.1 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2012 / 2008 / 2003 / 2000 / NT. 7-Zip plugins Forensic7z Este complemento le permite abrir y explorar imágenes de disco creadas por software especializado para el análisis forense. Los siguientes formatos de archivo son compatibles: Formato de compresión ASR Expert Witness (.S01) Formato de archivo de imagen encapsulado (.E01, .Ex01) Formato de archivo de imagen lógica (.L01, .Lx01) de Encase Formato Forense Avanzado (.AFF) Imagen lógica de AccessData FTK Imager (.AD1) Asar7z es un pequeño complemento para el popular archivador 7-Zip. Puedes usar Asar7z con 7-Zip para abrir, modificar o crear archivos .asar, que se utilizan para empaquetar Aplicaciones basadas en el framework Electron. eDecoder es un plugin para el popular archivador 7-Zip. Permite 7-Zip para manejar muchos tipos diferentes de buzones (archivos que contienen mensajes de correo electrónico) como archivo. También permite que 7-Zip maneje archivos de mensajes de correo electrónico como archivos. Gracias a eDecoder, puede extraer fácilmente un mensaje de correo electrónico o solo un correo electrónico. adjunto desde una base de correo sin utilizar el cliente de correo electrónico que creó ese base de correo Además, eDecoder permite que 7-Zip abra los llamados archivos de archivo web (Archivos HTML MIME, que generalmente tienen la extensión MHT o MHTML), así como Abre o crea archivos codificados UUE y XXE. Iso7z es un pequeño complemento para el popular archivador 7-Zip. 7-Zip con Iso7z puede Extraiga rápidamente archivos de una imagen de disco sin montarlo. Soporta disco Imágenes creadas en diferentes aplicaciones. Lzip7z es un pequeño complemento para el popular archivador 7-Zip. Puedes usar Lzip7z para abra, modifique o cree archivos .lz que se usan ampliamente en sistemas similares a Unix. Thumbs7z es un pequeño complemento para el popular archivador 7-Zip. 7-Zip con Thumbs7z puede abrir archivos de caché de miniaturas de Windows y extraer miniaturas individuales de ellos. WinCryptHashers es un pequeño complemento para el popular archivador 7-Zip. El plugin permite que 7-Zip muestre los valores de hash producidos por el hashing adicional Algoritmos como MD5. WinCryptHashers también permite que 7-Zip genere archivos de texto con sumas de control. El complemento puede agregar soporte para los siguientes algoritmos de hash: - MD2 - MD4 - MD5 - SHA-384 - SHA-512 Moderno7z Este complemento te permite usar métodos de compresión adicionales en 7-Zip. Los siguientes métodos son compatibles: Zstandard v1.3.7 Brotli v1.0.4 LZ4 v1.8.3 LZ5 v1.5 Lagarto v1.0 Rápido LZMA2 v0.9.2 WavPack7z Este complemento te permite usar el método de compresión adicional WavPack en 7-Zip. El complemento puede detectar y empaquetar automáticamente archivos de los siguientes tipos: .wav (incluidos los formatos bwf / rf64 y Multiple Data Chunks (Legasy Audition Format)) .caf (Core Audio Format) .w64 (Sony Wave64) .dff (Philips DSDIFF) .dsf (flujo DSD de Sony) .aif, .afc (Formato de archivo de intercambio de audio, incluido el formato AIFF-C) 7-Zip 19.00 (32/64 bit) Silent Install 4/3 Mb. 7-Zip theme 2019 + 7-Zip plugins (32/64 bit) 25 Mb.
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    Actualizado a version 5.70 x32 - x64. Un solo instalador Silent.
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    DELL service tag.

    I also have a few Windows XP Dell OEM images but not from service tags. I got them years ago and they are still sitting on my hard drive. The Windows 7 image was last updated in 2016... Unlikely Dell is going to update it... Not sure if it is possible to find a service tag that could unlock Windows XP Downloads. Regards, SnowBall
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    Hello, you are welcome :) 1) Wintoolkit correctly import all registry keys, even those TrustedInstaller ones, i verified that since the beginning :) i don't really know how the developer accomplish that 2) I only started creating LP addons since 4.7.1 due requests, indeed, they are not very useful except to silence Windows Update 3) I don't know for sure, but i tend to leave configurations as default like original setup, the user can disable it then regarding integration, i actually have mini pack for personal use, which extract/prepare/integrate the addon without Wintoolkit :) i use NSudo to get TrustedInstaller rights
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    IrfanView v4.4.4 - x86/x64 + Plugins + Toolbars + Languages - 5-in-1 RePack About RePack (info): Multilanguage installer. Installer contains: IrfanView-x86 files, IrfanView-x64 files, all plugins, all languages & 21 toolbar skins. Added IrfanPaint 3rd party plugin and Shell Extensions Installer installs x86/x64 version according to your Windows architecture. Optional Command-Line Switches: Download: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0BxE7TpGda882SmNOaTRpMS0xbHM File Name: IrfanView_4.4.4.Dual_RePack.exe File Name: 30.2 MB MD5 Hash: B6D1ACB40002CCB6ACF5D115A92D14EC Alternative Download Link: https://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?/files/file/50-irfanview-v444-repack-x86x64pluginstoolbarslanguages-5-in-1/
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    Updated (KB4467088)
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    Jan Krohn

    New Office 2019 Download Links

    Here's some background knowledge: Each edition of Microsoft Office comes in two (or actually three) different licensing flavours: Retail/OEM and Volume License (VL). VL licenses are for large companies and enterprises, but in the EU it is legal to sell, buy and use second hand VL licenses (although I do wonder where a second hand Office 2019 key should come from just a couple of weeks after the initial release...) Since activation for the two licensing models works fundamentally different, MS distributes two different installation files. You can't use a Retail or OEM key to activate a VL installation, and you can't use a VL key to unlock a Retail/OEM installation. MS only makes Retail/OEM installation images publicly available - no luck for VL users here. Installation media for VL licenses would have been given to the business that initially purchased it. Office 2019 is also not yet available on MSDN (very strangely), therefore I can't find out the hash (checksum), which would make finding a genuine file quite easy. Bottom line: there's not much I can do to help you. Better ask the seller for the installer. (Reminder to all: it's not allowed to post copyrighted files or links to them here, just in case someone knows where to find it. Of course we respect users' privacy and don't monitor private messages.)
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    New Office 2019 Download Links

    Hi Nirav, Microsoft do have a rare edition of Office which includes Pro Plus, Visio Pro and Project Pro, it is called Mondo, however that is only for preview (not for final RTM). If you go to *PATH*\Microsoft Office\root\Licenses16, you can see MondoR and MondoVL XrML Digital Licenses. If you want that to be installed, install Pro Plus, Project Pro and Visio Pro, then install the Mondo License you want (NOTE: You cannot activate Mondo editions!). If you just want them to be separately installed, use the Office Deployment Tool and here is the code: <Configuration> <Add OfficeClientEdition="32" DownloadPath ="http://officecdn.microsoft.com/pr/492350f6-3a01-4f97-b9c0-c7c6ddf67d60"> <Product ID="ProPlus2019Retail"> <Language ID="MatchOS" /> </Product> <Product ID="ProjectPro2019Retail"> <Language ID="MatchOS" /> </Product> <Product ID="VisioPro2019Retail"> <Language ID="MatchOS" /> </Product> </Add> <Updates UpdatePath="http://officecdn.microsoft.com/pr/492350f6-3a01-4f97-b9c0-c7c6ddf67d60" /> </Configuration> Regards, SnowBall
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    Updated (KB4459942)
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    New Office 2019 Download Links

    For Office 2019 to install and license properly you have to completely uninstall the previous version of Office and your stuffed-up Office 2019. To uninstall office 2016-2019 C2R: uninstall all office licenses through OSPP.vbs uninstall Office through Control Panel open CMD.exe as Administrator schtasks.exe /delete /tn "\Microsoft\Office\Office Automatic Updates" schtasks.exe /delete /tn "\Microsoft\Office\Office Subscription Maintenance" schtasks.exe /delete /tn "\Microsoft\Office\Office ClickToRun Service Monitor" schtasks.exe /delete /tn "\Microsoft\Office\OfficeTelemetryAgentLogOn2016" schtasks.exe /delete /tn "\Microsoft\Office\OfficeTelemetryAgentFallBack2016" Note: you will get an error if those scheduled tasks doesn't exist (its what you want) taskkill /f /im OfficeClickToRun.exe taskkill /f /im OfficeC2RClient.exe taskkill /f /im AppVShNotify.exe Note: you will get an error if those processes doesn't exist (its what you want) sc delete ClickToRunSvc Note: you will get an error if the service doesn't exist (its what you want) close CMD delete %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office 16\ delete %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\ delete %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Office\ delete %CommonProgramFiles%\Microsoft Shared\ClickToRun\ delete %ProgramData%\Microsoft\ClickToRun\ delete %ProgramData%\Microsoft\Office\ClickToRunPackagerLocker Note: some files and folders won't exist as they were removed by the uninstaller. open REGEDIT as Administrator delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\ClickToRun delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\AppVISV delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Microsoft Office <Edition> - en-us delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office Note: some registry keys doesn't exist as they were removed by the uninstaller. close REGEDIT Go to http://download.microsoft.com/download/5/0/5/505878EB-FFC4-4DF0-A526-B1165BFA6C35/o15-ctrremove.diagcab run the download and wait for it to complete. restart your computer. After its uninstalled, clean up the leftover files using a PC cleaning utility (e.g. CCleaner) and install your Office 2019. It should be working fine and you can activate it with an Office 2019 retail key.
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    Standalone updated Installer with KB4457016 preview rollup File: NDP472-KB4457016-x86-x64.zip SHA-1: 57d059f9fbf68c6f60db04ac4d20235d8688b074 SHA-256: c670478ef280ada487e3bad6dc0105518868786c410990def49acf13ba27181a File: NDP472-KB4457016-x86-x64.exe SHA-1: 2e5379a18e591f2b83f8641f76b6ea822a1b489d SHA-256: 2273e71321e4c1a7e45b21325f0de2cc626ed9eb3b503ff05a928e5f8c5c7f15 https://www.mirrored.to/files/1UXZL5R6 i don't have time to create new addon
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    I used to use Ricktendo's compact version of this. But since Microsoft updates this package rather frequently and since the repacked version is now the same size as Microsoft's, what's the point of integrating it? I now make it a silent install addon with NDP472-KB4054530-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe /q /norestart That way, I only have to replace the corresponding file in the WinToolkit_Apps folder when Microsoft updates rather than recompile a new install.wim.
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    @Pavel Addon is already 4.7.3130.4 -- I don't have time to rebuild addon with KB4346407 fix (4.7.3133.2), and new rollup will be released in two weeks anyway here's temporary updated .net 4.7.2 setup, based of @ricktendo installer http://www.mediafire.com/file/3rs355nt4d1wfwo File: dotNetFx472_Slim_x86_x64.exe SHA-1: 2047568b2e36977d699afcbcdc398d06cf488e44 SHA-256: 50a0a9c1d768d060d4c787f99e9d95e4ac9b43ea3c75e3f00e725fab614ee935 File: dotNetFx472_Slim_x86_x64.zip SHA-1: d37d242db437651a4d28ff4aa0974f878bae6bc8 SHA-256: 446c05ced8f1c58f32c9cf5a109ae7547f4b95c37b6d8953f8923ab011c03712
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    DISM for Win 10

    Uninstall your 8.1 kit and download the latest one from MS. https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=873065 Then add the path to the new dism.exe in wintoolkit. That should do it.
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    K-Lite Codec Pack - v9.7.5

    Update April 13, 2014 I will no no longer be updating my add ons which are found throughout this forum. all files will eventually be deleted. Moving forward, I need my online storage for other projects. It was a pleasure to work with Win Toolkit. It is certainly a workhorse that i want in my Deployment Kit. Thanks everyone. I will continue to visit for as long as this project remains active. I really like the community here. PEACE OUT! K-Lite Codec Pack x86/x64 v9.7.5 (All Variants) The four variants of the codec pack mentioned below include both 32-bit and 64-bit installers. If you have a x64 version of Windows, then both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the codec pack will be installed. They work together in complete harmony. It is important to also have 32-bit codecs on a 64-bit system because many applications are still 32-bit, including Windows Media Player! There are several different variants of the K-Lite Codec Pack. Ranging from a very small bundle that contains only the most essential decoders to a large and more comprehensive bundle. The global differences between the 5 variants can be found below. Note: This installer should work for ALL languages & architectures. Add these as silent installers... No switches needed. Download: The basic variant contains everything you need to play all the common video file formats. Such as AVI, MKV, MP4, OGM, and FLV. This pack is for those who like a small no-nonsense pack. It is small, but powerful. Basic x86/x64:Link RemovedMD5: 48b749d2858c3344b7130336f5cb097c Size: 20.8 MB The standard variant contains a few additional features compared to the basic variant. It contains Media Player Classic, which is an excellent player for video files. It also has (better) support for playback of DVDs. This pack is recommended for the average user. Standard x86/x64:Link RemovedMD5: e81ab3bed9b90fb84d9d7a0c4d3c2211 Size: 25.4 MB The full variant has some extras compared to the standard variant. It additionally contains madVR, GraphStudioNext, and a few more audio decoders. This package is suitable for power users. Full x86/x64:Link RemovedMD5: fc3fcdb4240d851fafaab00a08bb8e2f Size: 30.4 MB The mega variant is the most complete pack. It additionally contains VFW/ACM codecs for video encoding/editing. It also contains a few extra tools and DirectShow filters. Full x86/x64:Link RemovedMD5: 7a185260b3d0e4d60ffc0d706a6fbe36 Size: 34.1 MB
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    Yes. Cheers and Regards
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    Multiboot dvd

    Re.take a Look ad... WinSetupFromUSBv1.3 x86x64 out now. http://www.winsetupfromusb.com/downloads/ http://www.winsetupfromusb.com/supported-sources/ I recommend the exe.download-7zip is defect. (Instal.esd is now supported)!!!-not testet by me so far... :g: .
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    Yes, it's the same way as with SP2! http://support.micro....com/kb/2591039 http://www.wincert.n...dpost__p__75299 Thanks Makcalable!
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    The same way as with SP2, right? May I post this on the frontpage?
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    Microsoft Edge on Windows 7

    But it still is in early beta right?

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