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  1. MAJ: ajout de RegScanner et maj de CPU-Z
  2. You could use Windows Updates Downloader with these updates lists instead of McRip repository. less updates (about 105 to date, only the mandatory pushed on Windows update) means smaller integration time and less chances to have buggy installation. You can use McRip repo to download Windows Update updates (3 cabs) and IE lang pack. Or you can use my Updates Packs, just replace the IE9 langpack with the one of your choice.
  3. In the Windows 7 forum, took me 2 seconds to find: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/9178-create-your-own-autounattendxml-all-in-one-x86amd64/ x23piracy: general advice: lurk more !
  4. I think that was the problem. You could read on the driverpacks website about AMD filter driver You don't need to integrate all driverpacks, only the most usefull ones: Chipset, Wifi, LAN, Mass Storage. I suggest you to not integrate them but running the DP_Install_Tool.cmd at first boot, see here: http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?id=5336 This way you can add all driverpacks without blue screen.
  5. Its in the registry. It have already ben discused.
  6. Maybe because there is already tons of (free) software to do this, beside less and less people burn isos todays (why wasting a disc when you can create an USB key with all the inherent advantages ?). And before someone ask to add this feature to W7T, there is also many programs to make bootable USB key from ISO. (RUFUS is my choice) Also, don't forget that W7T is coded by only one man, so many of us thought it is a good idea to focus on bug fixes, stability, performance, and really usefull and unique features.
  7. that's not really a problem, updates are language neutral since Vista. The only updates to add is lang packs (IE9 or 10, DotNet, etc...)
  8. Personally, I only integrate mandatory updates (about 105+ updates for Win7), not the complete repository of Mcrip or others, It has many advantages: smaller integration time smaller size still on GDR branch less chance to have problem at integration and/or installation easier to debug in case of problem
  9. because IE was still the default program (you can check that easily in control panel) and besides Firefox still asking to be the default browser when launched.
  10. As I have posted earlier, there is no need to start it from a task in XP, just use the autostart option in the program itself or create the key in the registry.
  11. Hi robertcollier4, Tested with Firefox 18.0.2 and Win7 X64. tested in command line and GUI DefaultBrowserInRegistry.exe "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\Firefox.exe" Doesn't work.
  12. maj: http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/18.0.2/releasenotes/
  13. You're welcome. Yes it is a good one.
  14. Plus d'infos sur le module sfx modifié et la syntaxe du fichier de configuration: (en anglais) http://www.7zsfx.info/en/ puis lisez les sections Configuration file, Configuration file parameters et Usage examples. Le fichier d'aide reprend tout cela hors-ligne. Miroir sur webarchive: https://web.archive.org/web/20160413164450/http://7zsfx.info/en/ Nouveau site sur Github: https://github.com/chrislake/7zsfxmm/wiki Pour les fonctions plus récentes et non documentées sur le site officiel, lisez ce sujet sur RyanVM: 7zsd.sfx /7zSD_En.CHM: Undocumented Features Et ce sujet sur MSFN: 7z SFX Modified Module and Tools
  15. On peut aussi modifier le fichier DNF.txt, Pour se familiariser avec la syntaxe, un site à visiter: http://www.7zsfx.info/en/ puis lisez les sections Configuration file, Configuration file parameters et Usage examples. Il y aussi le fichier d'aide qui reprend tout cela hors-ligne. Il ne couvre pas toutes les fonctions mais c'est un bon début. Pour les fonctions non documentées, lisez ce sujet sur ryanvm: 7zsd.sfx / 7zSD_En.CHM: Undocumented Features et aussi ce sujet sur msfn: 7z SFX Modified Module and Tools pour de l'aide et des exemples. Attention toutefois à ne pas utiliser LZMA2 pour "packager" un Addon qui sera intégré avec nLite, ou alors il faut remplacer 7z.exe dans le dossier d'installation de nLite par une version plus récente qui gère le LZMA2. (la 9.20 par exemple) Il y a un bouton en haut à droite de chaque sujet qui permet de le suivre (cad recevoir les notifs de réponse par mail). Je pense que jaynbe fait ça "à la main". En tout cas je procède ainsi.
  16. Salut Ken@fi, comment ça va au Gabon ?
  17. It is maybe an other update. OP where are you ?
  18. @bilbaro: It may be caused by KB2529687 KB2592687. It's not a security update, so you can safely remove it, or add it in the silent install+SFX tab, it will be executed at first launch. See this thread for more infos: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/10550-wrong-start-of-wintoolkit-installer-if-kb2529687kb2574819-integrated/
  19. Which version of the Toolkit do you use ?
  20. I have asked David Carpenter, developer of Everything, if he can rewrite his installer, he have answered that the next major release will be an client-server approach, eliminating the problems with UAC and the fact that anything you run from "Everything" is being elevated. It might also be open-sourced .
  21. With or without my software firewall (Outpost Free), my router is safe: THE EQUIPMENT AT THE TARGET IP ADDRESS DID NOT RESPOND TO OUR UPnP PROBES!
  22. But what if some installers need switches? or if you need to run the apps in a specific order (ie not alphabetical) ? On my opinion, the list of installers to execute should be stored elsewhere than the registry, for easier edit after an image is done. Instead of reading the registry, WinToolKitRunOnce.exe could search for some ini file (with an unique name, like WTKapps.ini) with the names and switches and parse it if found.
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