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  1. See here compstuff method http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/10955-my-personal-image-integration-process/
  2. I don't know what happend there but if it was a bug I think it was already reported since it is the most (I think) used feature from the program. Make a folder 'WTK' (or whatever you want) where always extract WinToolkit.exe and replace the old one keeping the folder and all subfolders including Updates in the same structure. Make the adjustments in the program for Update Catalog folder and keep it always the same. The program should work fine.
  3. Don't change the folder where the updates are downloaded and the rest is taken care by the program. The program scans the folder and select only the missing ones to download. In the meantime it moves the superseded updates to 'Old' folder. You don't have to worry about that, you'll always have what's currently needed in the folder.
  4. Just remove drive letter E: like crashly described.
  5. On the top menu there is a Downloads button where you'll find
  6. Yes, I'm sure this is possible. This is like when you download your photos from the camera the program sets the file date to shooting date (preserve the original source date) not current date.
  7. There is no virus in WinToolkit v1.4.1.16 here. Verify WinToolkit.exe checksums CRC-32: ac46cee6 MD4: baec29e6c0446c1c5dadf3cff6658fda MD5: 4fbb92025713771b1c63ce4ed71cd69d SHA-1: 3de0a54196f506d45a3775de9e2ae573b5921393
  8. In any original image of whatever edition you have For x86 Image Index 1 = Starter Image Index 2 = Home Basic Image Index 3 = Home Premium Image Index 4 = Professional Image Index 5 = Ultimate For x64 Image Index 1 = Home Basic Image Index 2 = Home Premium Image Index 3 = Professional Image Index 4 = Ultimate so for Professional you need Index 4 for x86 Index 3 for x64
  9. I think you are mistaken at <Key>/IMAGE/INDEX</Key> <Value>Windows 7 Professional</Value> should be <Key>/IMAGE/NAME</Key> <Value>Windows 7 Professional</Value> or <Key>/IMAGE/INDEX</Key> <Value>X</Value> X should match the INDEX number (1, 2, 3...) of the IMAGE from the WIM. If I am wrong, please correct me anyone who knows better.
  10. Ah, seems that this isn't what I'm looking for. Sorry, I thought there is a way to do it without building a server. I want this if there is a way to do it in a home network through a router. I don't know anything about build and run a server. If not I'll stick installing from USB. Thanks.
  11. You can follow this method of "compstuff" as it is logical organized http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/10955-my-personal-image-integration-process/
  12. OK, Whatever the TopMost settings mean, as long as the windows are visible and don't overlap each other is fine with me. :thumbsup:
  13. :g: a lot of effort... LOL Thanks
  14. Can you control the position of the WinToolkit Installer? If yes, I'd suggest to make it apear on top center instead of where it comes up now. I'm asking this as all the windows that come in the procces of installing silent apps (progres, extraction, finish) are covered by the main window. If the main window appear on top center than the rest of the windows will be visible on the middle of the screen not (partialy) hidden by the main window. This is mostly cosmetic but I like to know what happens in every stage.
  15. I'm interested too. I have attempted sometimes but never succeded. :please: make a "How To".
  16. A notice from Lego last year at the end of june to assure you that WinToolkit have future... http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/9941-notice-update/?hl=project
  17. What if you split the space and make a partition of 12-16 GB? Just try, it may work or not. Just a thought.
  18. On the Main tab of the program there is a button Update Catalog, use it to get the updates. http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/9571-update-catalog/
  19. The updates are are language independent. You can use any souce to integrate the updates. Only Internet Explorer and some .NET Framework (not all lang) have additional language packs.
  20. Hey, McRip, take your time but make it quick.
  21. I'm sure McRip will peek here and if wants to bother with that, he'll do it. Anyway, it would be a nice solution for all.
  22. I wonder if you can do a little automatization on sorting Office updates. As you already noticed there are some language dependent updates and some independent. Can you make the downloader to group the dependent updates in each his language folder? So the folder structure would be: - McRip Office 2010 Post-SP1 x86 - 00 - x-none - en-us - fr-fr - ro-ro - etc. Than make an option (probably in the settings somwhere) to show/download only the selected languages. That would solve some problems 1. save space on hard drive (If you don't need some language than don't download at all) 2. save bandwidth 3. no need to tick one by one your language dependent updates to download 4. no need to select one by one your language dependent updates to copy to Updates folder 5. not showing updates to download for other languages that you untick/don't download anyway 6. there be more others, maybe... Now I understand that you rely on how they are listed/stored on the server but I think you can make it to scan the subfolders to compare what's already downloaded. Maybe a talk with McRip for a rearange on the server if needed or he wants it? I don't know... Any other uesfull thoughts could be added to this request by anyone to make it more friendly.
  23. I do it like this... Click on the Title - they all go blue, than untick one and they are all selected/deselected. Nice.
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