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  1. Happy birthday! Wish you all of the best!
  2. No, I'm not experienced enough yet..
  3. Sorry, forgot to upload, fixed it.
  4. Extension Manager v1.2! This tool makes it very easy to manage extensions' icons, and even descriptions with a few clicks. Now also has functions like changing drive icons, changing OEM logo and info, and registration info! Known bugs: None! This program works on all versions of Windows after XP (XP, XP x64 (untested), Vista, Vista x64). Framework 2.0 is needed in order for this application to run. (Vista has it installed by default as far as I know) Please DO provide feedback so I can improve this application! Download here!
  5. Isnt there a "view in high quality" link under the video?
  6. UAC Tool v1.0 Easy tool to disable or enable the UAC in Vista. Requires Framework 2,0 or higher. Screenshot: Please come with feedback, it is much appreciated. EDIT: 19/10-08 Added command line: To switch UAC ON: To switch UAC OFF: Remember that it requires framework... Vista has the needed version installed by default so it shouldn't be a problem. UACTool.rar
  7. Welcome as guest! Stay as family!
  8. No! I saw it in their news section! But it has changed NOW! They also got a new favicon! OH MY GOD! THIS IS AWESOME!!!!
  9. They are WORKING on it mate, they aren't done yet.
  10. Well, RapidShare is working on a new design, I am actually quite excited as I am using it nearly every day (both Upload and Download [Premium User]), I thought that they could use a little refresh, so let's see... I just hope they get rid of the horrible CATS! My download users can't find them when they are downloading stuff I have uploaded!
  11. Well, the problem seems to have disappeared after I disabled some LOCKS in the 'handi' menu on Vista, I doubt it was that tho'. And I doubt that it was dirty, because its brand new laptop.
  12. Well.. Since this is about keys, I won't make a new topic. SOMETIMES when I'm on my laptop, and posting/writing stuff, it somehow "holds the ctrl button"! I mean, example: I had just finished making a post on a forum, made the "=)" smiley, and posted. After it posted, I couldn't write anything (well, if i hit "S" in firefox (even if the focus was on the adress bar) it would open the "save as.." dialog), it just said a lot of error sounds (system sounds, when you do something wrong etc.), and when i tried to write numbers, it wrote the symbols.. I mean it wrote "$" when I was hitting "4" (DK layout keyboard, for writing "$" I must hold down "ALT-GR+4", this is pretty weird, as before it seemed like it hold my CTRL button. This is getting pretty annoying as it happens in some critical times when I really need to use the keyboard. (Once I was writing a .doc, and then it hold some button and it made "Select all+delete", and I couldn't redo since it just made a system sound when I pressed "CTRL+Z".) Thanks in advance! Mr. Thunderbird. =)
  13. Weird. My computer always does something weird. It just can't resist. It's not a problem that it uses 150MB anyways, with this new laptop at 4GB Ram, it can handle it
  14. Well it finally works! Lol, offtopic, but look whats up with my explorer.exe, does it always use that much mem?
  15. I don't know what it was, but after searching google, I found something about Nvidia drivers that modifies the system files. It seem to have fixed itself.
  16. Thanks for the reply mate I've borrowed an internal one already, so I'll try it soon.
  17. Hello all! I got a little problem. I have this desktop machine, and my CD/DVD drive is a USB one. I can see it and the harddisks in BIOS options, but when I try to boot into system, or try to boot from an XP CD (which I has tested on another computer, and it worked well) and I have tried with another older XP cd. Every time I try to boot from an XP CD it says that I should reboot my system and connect a right bootable device. When I try to boot from harddisk which already has XP installed on it, it says that some nddr thing is missing and that I shouls press CTRL+ALT+DEL to reboot. I thought it was my motherboard because sometimes my computer was turning off, so I bought a new one today, but the same thing (can't boot) happens with this one too. I've tried many different harddisk and still same thing (both SATA and IDE). And btw, when I insert the motherboard driver CD, it boot without problems. I hope you can help me on this one guys. ANY help is appreciated.
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