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  1. Ahh thats great, thank you much. Another thing, includes the update-database also "only-LDR" updates? (Means updates they have no GDR-Part, so its only LDR.update) And i have some read about updates you can get only via email-request. These "specials" also available via the updates-downloader?
  2. Yeah, To remember me, what exactly means the option "LDR-QFE Mode"? "LDR placeholder not needed" - Its confusing me a bit, sorry. :S
  3. Vote+ Update: Another solution (like my preview for GUI-Renew) these items move to a "statusbar". Another iconbar at end of the window, thats would also better as gui at the moment. Greez
  4. Possible to extract msps for 2 languages at same time.
  5. I mean WTK2 bugs (first beta/rcs) Yeah man thats great news! I will make a... little... list, for you,hihi ;D My opinion: (Translate: So its awesome! )
  6. Yea, like the previous bughunter-competition. Winner get a request-wish fullfilled in WTK2.
  7. Dunno depends on this screen: Just an example. Okay, thank you for link.
  8. Hoay-yay, Whats about to skip the creation/Login of MS-Live online-account managing crap in win8-install? Its possible to set with fill user name to skip the dialog? How? Else - strong requested. Thank you for tips.
  9. Thats good news. I remember at nLite or other wheres not. Another thing, also remembered from other apps: Sense-Translation, much translations are just text-to-text. Mostly for german language the intention going hidden or looks like another. Example: English: "Get MD5 Hash" -> meaning: "Show MD5-Hash" (from update-files) German: "MD5-Prüfsumme berechnen" -> Translate: "Calculate MD5-Hash" -> meaning ?! Calc what? why? When?? Better translation would be "Zeige MD5-Prüfsumme" -> Translate: "Show MD5-Hash" -> Much better. And some translations can be optimized, example some english-words are "german-ate". Meaning, germans using the same english word for own german translation. Example: word "Hash" or "Tab" is more known/used as the translations "Prüfsumme" and "Reiter". Some texts can also better placed. Example "Open Explorer" , german translation "Explorer öffnen", thats confusing. Better translate would be "Öffne Explorer" - english-grammar-like, - also correct german-language but shows more the sense of it. So thats i would suggest.
  10. Please take care that the import/export functions and LastSession.inis keep still compatible.
  11. Whats about another Bug-Hunter Session? Price is any sub-stuff for WTK2 or some.
  12. Yay, Windows 8.1.1 Enterprise x64 en-us untouched + WHD Updates + KUC Updates: Microsoft Windows Common Driver Classes Microsoft Windows Portable Devices Microsoft Windows INF (What ever?) Greez
  13. Cartman586, Have you use GetWaik for DISM? I suggest to download the GetWaik-Tool: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/156869-get-waik-tools-wo-downloading-the-huge-isos/ Then click "download dism for windows 7" then choose in WTK options dism to use the x86 dism.exe from waik. Maybe that works...
  14. Dont use Vista. WTK not support (official) Vista as Host-System (for running as program) and WTK not support (official) Vista as Image (for working with Image-Tools) Win7 and Win8/8.1.x does, and are much better systems. So my tip is, use just one of them instead of vista.
  15. Rick, exist a WTK Addon of it? Or can you make maybe? Thats would be very nice!
  16. Yea, mostly of WTK should work with Vista, its nearly like Win7. I think the most Win7 drivers (integration) should also work on Vista.
  17. Then its legal, nice one! Thank you much!
  18. Hosted by supporter but the files are ms original, so dunno - ? :dizzy: But its very usefully!
  19. *removed - missunderstanding* Yea much here is a bit.. strange.. In my case me bored that edited posts directly marked as edited no matter how much seconds ago. But here is no right place for suggestions i think..
  20. Hello everyone, I see here much threads about integration problems thats results cuz wrong dism.exe. The best solution is to download GetWaik-Downloader (few mb) and choose the exactly packet. One question, i absolute dunno - sorry. - it is legal? If its, we can create a thread about or include a link/describetion in WTK. And much user find help in this, and lesser threads about the same Problem. Here is a link http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/156869-get-waik-tools-wo-downloading-the-huge-isos/ greez
  21. Greetings, ianymaty! Yea, this forum is a bit.. complicated - can call it. Some subforums like these, you have to click on THIS button and upload to your "my media". Then you can choose it in attachments and post here withit Otherwise you can still upload on hoster like mediafire.com and release the link.
  22. Have some personal todo/trouble to fix After it (i think in 2 weeks) i take care of latest build and reply much feedback. I see a german translator is allready found?
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