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  1. CrAzYs


    Welcome back Legolash2o
  2. CrAzYs

    Bad News

    Happy Birthday Lego
  3. CrAzYs

    Bad News

    who's birthday... anyway Happy birthday.....
  4. CrAzYs


    Thnx for the update, the best of luck with your exams (though I'm sure you rule out luck ;-) , and enjoy! best of luck with your exams
  5. CrAzYs


    gud to here from u Lego :dancing:
  6. Thank you Legolash2o for ur hard work......
  7. CrAzYs


    Blaga...... This is mean....... You have temporarily solution... so just do it... Lego... is do his best...... he also have a social life.... just appreciated what he is doing....
  8. my voted is "YES" and i like it.....
  9. Release t34 download button is working
  10. this error come's when we installed the additional updates but i don't know which one making this problem still.
  11. rick better to upload a video guide cox i cant get the package.txt file. so if u can plx upload n give the links... anyway thanx
  12. rick i need step by step guide of KUC offline integrate.
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