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  1. Use Xp Lite to remove some Windows components
  2. Thanks especially for the tutorials. Btw although PE Explorer and Restuner are much better, but Resource Hacker is still free and simpler for me :thumbsup_anim: rather old though hehe...
  3. Welcome back, we'd love to learn something cool from you Guru
  4. Wow the forum upgrade is cool!

  5. Lol. Or just use (full modded & tweaked) Windows Xp back instead, still the best MS-based OS ever for me so far, in most aspects etc (even after trying Seven RC). But again it's just me, my personal opinion here hehe
  6. Lol. Why not just do not ever login anymore?
  7. My friend said that the hack (hex editing) worked perfectly on his laptop with Vista basic as well. Awesome hopefully works for Windows 7 too
  8. Me too...lol actually it was from Google though (free)
  9. AMIRZ

    Drunk finalist

    LMAO thanks alot for sharing very funny
  10. Love Ultimate but we will purchase only Premium (Family Pack sounds interesting)
  11. Thanks for the news, hopefully there will be non Windows OS subforum here, love and support the great idea (i have Ubuntu too)
  12. One question: If the graphics card doesn't support Aero, does this hack still work then? Thank you.
  13. ^ Nice hack! :icon_cool: Thanks for the info altho i dont have basic
  14. ^ This is a topic for Windows Sidebar mate you can get almost all Vista Games on Xp except Chess Titan (old news though)
  15. Happy BirthDay! :thumbsup_anim:
  16. Nice work thanks, i love almost all Sysinternals tools, they are very useful :thumbsup_anim:
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