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  1. Sorry for being late, Welcome 2 Wincert
  2. Wow so we can request any software here? How about a program to save a flash game directly? (as offline file), it would be so cool: http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?sho...amp;#entry48579 (original idea by ccl0). Thanks
  3. :sweatingbullets: Too bad i'm late too. still thanks for the info though...
  4. Hello Tincho_sk8 Thanks for adding me as your friend mate, it means alot for me, very appreciated :) - Best regards Amirz

  5. I see, anyway i wish you the best of luck on your next clean install shahed hope that it would work fine for you without any annoying problem like this Amen hehe...
  6. Lol seems there are some comedians as well as programmers and engineers in MS
  7. Also you can't name/rename a folder usually because one or more processes may "use" it when running in memory (i.e when you open a file that is in the folder using default app etc). Just restart Windows Explorer or close/stop the current app/process by using Task Manager etc
  8. Here is another legal site which is offering some free sharewares (giveaways/promo) legally without time restriction, (exception for the special offer that expired after some hours or days/maybe longer or shorter either), daily updated with notification, at least it's not only for one day but usually more longer, unlike GAOTD and you can reinstall and activate the apps as many as you want on your machine just like the full versions as well as the EULA said of course hehe: For Free on Internet: http://for-free-on-internet.com/category/shareware-promos/ Btw even i ever got a legal genuine Winzip 12 Standard + license for free once from there and still many etc :thumbsup_anim: , again just for another additional info here guys anyway ...hopefully useful for you cya
  9. I love 7-Zip! :thumbsup_anim:
  10. Sorry for asking again shahed but you said that you still have the same problem even after a clean install? Wow :confused02: which version of Server 2008 have you installed: the original (as downloaded from MS) or "slipstreamed" one (?) either? Maybe it's an unknown bug within the installation (i.e issue with a bad hotfix, driver that integrated, corrupt file etc), maybe you should try another new installer/image to reinstall it again, maybe...
  11. AMIRZ


    Welcome 2 Wincert mate :thumbsup_anim: i hope you can enjoy this cool forum
  12. +1 N1K yes the best one, my choice too for years, it's a veeeery great tool and working on both Xp and Vista as well. Yeah it's actually a shareware but i think that the price is still reasonable for its awesome features imho, btw i and 9 other members just got the 2009 license legally for free (up to 3 personal computers for one license!) from a kind promo in Wincert here about 3 months ago, once again thank you so much N1K for that yeah :thumbsup_anim: Wincert and JV 16 FTW!
  13. ^ Thanks for the compliment and welcome to Wincert by the way katrinav
  14. Awesome work Jatin! :thumbsup_anim:
  15. Wow Windows still has more kinda jokes and easter eggs than i ever thought b4 thanks guys for the info
  16. OMG not again, finally happy to hear that now everything is OK there
  17. ^^ Oh sorry i thought you still asked that why you still couldn't use Microangelo Librarian to edit the user.exe file so i just wanted to explain before, but actually you could, just couldn't edit the icon only (as your first purpose). Just misinterpretation here it really slipped my mind, sorry mate i apologize
  18. You can't edit user.exe using Reshacker bcoz it's not PE 32 bit (common Windows binary file nowadays) but NE 16 bit format (that's why you got "not valid Win32 app" error message), you'll need NE res binary editor and maybe 16 icon res editor instead (which are kinda rare since Windows 3.x era with NE 16 bit app is over/obsolete)
  19. Thanks for the info Mr_Smartepants, will share it too :thumbsup_anim: Edit: If so then could you explain that how to get the version 5.02 above working with the license legally as you said? I have tried them all and still can't get it working while it still refuses to use that v 4.6 serial... :confused02:
  20. Get Everest Ultimate Edition 4.6 - Free License Legally Homepage (Lavalys): http://www.lavalys.com/ It's not the latest version (5.02) but still good enough as a free legal giveaway, especially for people who always love and prefer genuine and still legal software... :thumbsup_anim: First thanks alot to For Free on Internet for such kind offer like this To get your free license, just visit this offer Here: http://for-free-on-internet.com/2009/06/ev...tion-46-4-free/ or just follow the below steps instead: 1. Go to this promotion page (in German): http://www.pro.de/aktion/com/everest and fill in your first and last names : Vorname: your first Name Nachname: your last name E-mail: your email address then click on
  21. I think Zone Alarm is still the best 3rd party firewall by far, but anyhow still your own choice though...
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