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  1. https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=0053f5d45a736673&id=53F5D45A736673%21246last Dism 10.0.9942.0
  2. How can i make Default Themes in win 8.1 if is possible :/
  3. only i know is who change/install new bootscreen after first log in ..now about installation windows 7 i don't know
  4. When i make mount on register Edition all is fine good then i make some change non important for destroy the register or something something Easy Then i try unmount and here is the results :
  5. thnx very much for information !!!!and when i can report one problem on wintoolkit i try find on site but nothing :/
  6. okey thnx for information i hope work..last question dism =imagex right?
  7. adk is package for everything.you mean copy the wintoolkit on folder adk folder dism and with option of wintoolkit choose the dism of win 8.1 adk?
  8. need download adk for win 8.1 and install it on win 7 for work???like waik win 8.1 mode on win 7 that maybe work ? i use win 7 and and use the waik of win 7
  9. i try alot version of wintoolkit but nothing i can't intergrate update win 8.1
  10. same error again on me open regedit with wintoolkit when open go software/microsoft/windows nt/runonce and delete -ms silent patch done!
  11. go on reg file and remove the say -ms silent patcher find and delete is that is solution.!
  12. Open Regedit with wintoolkit and find one reg. key say like -ms patch i don't remember and delete it that i do and i fix my problem!
  13. http://www.2shared.com/photo/w5etH9Jx/516.html that is already transpered you is 516.bmp image with that make your windows setup glass if you know what i mean!
  14. ι don't know about boot screen i try on start up image but don't work only setup images one is dvd/sources named:background_cli next make mount bootwim have 1 file on windows/system32/Background and other is spwiziming.dll on bootwim sources/spwiziming.dll and second on install.wim windows/system32/spwiziming.dll on images 516 and 517 only!
  15. how can solve this problem i make integration with WinNT6.x_True_Integrator
  16. how create that uxtheme patcher for windows 8 ??? :/ can you help me anyone ?
  17. how add programs on Windows 7 sp1 with toolkit???
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