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  1. it depends on what edition of Win7 you are installing what edition are you installing? Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate yes OEM keys also work when running Win7 setup but again it depends on the edition you're too late - MS had removed the Win7 ISO downloads earlier this August; can't download the W7 ISOs from MS anymore saw this in another forum
  2. no Win11 ISO downloads until final release in late October 2021. although there were W11 insider preview ISOs (w/ build 22000.132) that were made available from MS several days ago in late August I had a feeling this day would come when MS would eventually remove the Win7 ISO downloads from their web site once Win7 went EOL Good thing I already downloaded the W7 ISOs several years ago while Win7 was still supported by MS
  3. that's what happens when Microsoft got rid of their QA team several years ago. the quality of updates for most Win10 versions have gone down some (the March 2021 updates caused blue screen errors for some & have also caused several printing issues and had to release some out-of-band updates to clean up their mess)
  4. speaking of the upcoming 21H1 release Jan, Microsoft has recently announced that they're getting ready to release it soon there are also 21H1 preview ISOs (with build 19043.928) available from MS for Windows Insiders as noted by MS (the current Windows ISO downloader tool does not download these updated 21H1 ISOs though)
  5. you can only download the Win7 ISOs from MS on the 1st day of each month only (aka. April 1, May 1, June 1, etc) on all other days, the Win7 ISOs are not available for download due to severe restrictions by MS next chance for you is May 1
  6. double-click on the file(s) - that's how I was able to download the Visual C++ stuff on my end plus the download links are not shown
  7. both 32bit & 64bit. read this, Sina & prpro.
  8. Win10 ISO downloads for ARM platform are not publicly available as Jan mentioned that months ago. however, they are only available to Insiders (need an MS Insider account to get them; normal/casual users won't have access to them)
  9. yes. I'm also on Nsaneforums as well since there's also a Windows/Office ISO downloader thread
  10. plus the ability to delay or defer feature updates or upgrades in Win10 Pro Win10 Home starting with the 1903 release only had ability to pause updates but not have the option to defer big feature updates
  11. come back on OCT 1st and try to download the pt-br win7 iso then, SimPos many win7 iso downloads only work on 1st day of each month (ex. 9/1, 10/1, 11/1, etc.)
  12. you were several days late, LOoper. next chance to download a pt-br win7 sp1 iso would be THU Oct. 1.
  13. you're welcome. MS wanted to release v2004 ASAP with the newest build though it currently has several issues/problems that MS has yet to fix let's see if MS will release a set of 2004 "V2" ISOs later this year like they did with 1903
  14. Windows ISO Downloader tool is working on my end since early June it's sometimes a server problem; just run it the next day or two
  15. perhaps a connection issue between nod3's PC and the MS server and needs to check with his internet provider maybe clear the dns cache with ipconfig.exe /flushdns and then restart the computer (or even restart his internet router) I'm not experiencing the problem he had as the Windows ISO Downloader tool is working fine 4 me and I can't reproduce the problem
  16. official 2004 ISOs with build 19041.264 now available from MS this Wed. May 27 (ex. Win10_2004_English_x64.iso & Win10_2004_English_x32.iso) edit - I'll wait for an updated version of the Windows ISO Downloader tool that will list the Windows 10 May 2020 Update
  17. the Aug. 2018 Win7 SP1 ISOs are only available in USA English - not available for foreign (non-English) languages. they are also "standalone" editions that bundle a single edition and are NOT AIOs (so the ei.cfg removal trick won't work with the Aug 2018 ISOs because ei.cfg is actually not present in these ISOs) they also contain certain win7 "telemetry" updates which some people despise original Win7 SP1 ISOs (not the Aug 2018 ones) can be used as AIOs with the ei.cfg removal trick - and these older Win7 ISOs are available in many languages
  18. Version 2004 has finally reached the release preview ring Thu April 16 as build 19041.207 - aka. May 2020 Update 2004 ISOs with the 19041.207 build will first be available only to windows insiders & MSDN subscribers in late April and then a public release sometime in May (perhaps either Tue May 12 or May 19, neither of which happened on a Tuesday in May). also MS decided to make 19041.208 the final version on 4/30, then released build 19041.264 on 5/12 and ultimately ended up releasing the 19041.264 build to the public near the end of May
  19. sorry - HP OEM based Win7 ISOs are not available for download like Dell - heck not even Microsoft provides OEM based Win7 ISO downloads as they said so themselves edit 4/16 - you have to either buy win7 system recovery DVD images from HP (if they still have them available for your specific HP model) or google search for an hp win7 oem iso if you are lucky enough to find one compatible for your HP computer
  20. forget about that because the 2004 ISOs are not yet even made by MS they could be released either in mid-May or June since 2004/20H1 did not even reach the RP ring and is still in the Slow ring for almost 4 months
  21. 1903 iso media may not be clean are you running the setup.exe file from the iso media on a usb flash drive or from another external drive?
  22. possible "spam" thread. please lock
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