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  1. Check out this article: http://www.zdnet.com/a-hidden-patch-tuesday-gem-a-windows-7-hotfix-rollup-7000012555/ - could provide useful info to many.
  2. Why not use a 20-30Gb flash drive?
  3. Downloaded Win Toolkit v1.4.1.19 Test 2 - when started Title bar shows: as does info under created by: Lego: That's done intentionally.
  4. PayPal reset OK - donate completed - awaiting confirmation. Sometimes getting things to work is a major pain in the ***.
  5. I have not used PayPal for years - have no idea if they still show me with an account. I clicked on their forgot password link to verify, still waiting on an answer. Don't need to ask Lego - at the top of the donate page is: liamcrozier@btinternet.com which I'm assuming is him??!!
  6. Just tried - did not work; refused my MasterCard number as being incorrect (I'm assuming this is because of numbering differences between US and UK/Europe cards) and my address as being bad because I was unable to put anyhting in the (UK) County field
  7. Have no problem with pounds but how can a payment be accepted if I cannot fill out the address boxes correctly - UK County versus US State and Postal Code versus nine-digit ZIP code?
  8. When I start WinToolkit and click on the Donate button the next page lists the amount in pounds and the address for a County in the UK - even though I show United States as my country. Is there some reason the amount is not in dollars and the addresses reflect possibilities in countries other than the UK?
  9. Seems to me an SSD as the \Mount location would be more effective than using a RAMDrive.
  10. Try copying the Visio installer to the \Updates folder - since Office 2010 will not allow for slipstreaming updates as previous versions did; I was told that using the \Updates folder was the method to use.
  11. It could be the five months that passed between posting #3 and your comments in #4 - time does march on.
  12. Just started - started just fine. Replaced with newer - nothing else changed.
  13. The 12-8 drivers worked fine on Radeon 6750 and Win8 64bit on my #2 system (ABIT IX48 GT3 motherboard).
  14. And we all thought you were at an English University.
  15. An extensive definition is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gigabyte Agree or diagree as you must.
  16. When I updated my Win7 Utimate SP1 with SoLor's 300+ updates, along with other items, it took over 4 hours for each (32 and 64 bit). I'm assuming if this was done for each of the versions of Windows (Home, Basic, etc) listed by the poster, can I assume it would take him a similar time for each of his versions of Windows, resulting in a possible elapsed time of around 20 hours per version (32 or 64 bit) to complete everything? I'm asking because I've thought of possibly doing that and I'm pretty sure their are many more thinking of doing the same thing.
  17. ChiefZeke


    So then, you saw the Queen and Bond jump from a helicopter?
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