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  1. I am uploading them to MEGA now, since the Canary Channel updates daily, it would be hard to grab older builds. I am not uploading the online installer, but the full offline installer... 62 MB each.
  2. Preview officially released! I will upload all of them to MEGA as well (since Canary Channel update daily). Download latest build here: https://www.microsoftedgeinsider.com/en-us/download/
  3. I've tried all those ones, they are modified. Try downloading and installing the English version and add a language pack here. If you don't mind download Windows 7 Aug 2018 English from Microsoft here, install it and apply the language pack.
  4. What? OK, I uploaded them. I now have to download them again... I will post hash up later. If you downloaded the files right, extract the archive and you will see a valid digital signature meaning it is original. Yes, the links are 100% safe, I uploaded them. They are 100% original as you can see valid digital signatures signed by Microsoft. SHA-1 Hash for Microsoft Edge Version (CRC32, MD5 and SHA-256 included) ;Name : Microsoft Edge Version (Official build) (64-bit) ;Publisher : Microsoft Corporation ;Version : ;Date : Wednesday, March 20
  5. You should post in here: https://www.wincert.net/forum/forum/227-windows-iso-downloader/ Anyway, if you have read the error message, you should know what to do next. You should try it more often and you might unlock the download when there is only one or none languages in green. Good luck. Regards, SnowBall
  6. It doesn't work. You can get a copy of Windows XP Home Edition and Professional Combo which was released by Microsoft. It has both Home Edition and Professional which are the most commonly installed SKUs. The Combo edition of Windows XP among Starter Edition are the rarest Windows XP SKUs and it might be a bit hard to find an original copy of it. If you analyse the BootSector.bin used in the Combo edition, you will find upon boot, it will give you the option to choose: [A] Windows XP Home Edition - English [B] Windows XP Professional - English Choose an option and press [Enter]: a
  7. I would be surprised if a giveaway is warez... I got most of the software I now use from giveaways on all sorts of forums and I don't think there is a problem because somebody already paid for the license (although I've bought some software myself). It is like buying a hamburger and give it to a homeless person, it is not stealing and (I think it) is perfectly legal as the developer receives the money for their hard work.
  8. What do you mean? It is not a crack or anything! A giveaway is basically giving the software to somebody and it is a legit license. @Liz Harris, why would you bump this old topic when rule number 1 says: which prevents anybody from requesting or sharing cracks. It looks like advertising for EaseUS Recovery Wizard as what you said was similar to here trying to tell users to stop using cracked versions. I agree with you to stop using cracked versions but I think your post was meaningless since giveaway != crack and the giveaway ended many years back. If I misunderstood you or made
  9. I don't think anybody will have it because it was indeed very old. Saved pages won't do anything good because it was from a file host like 4shared, not a direct link. The file host can generate direct links but it has an expiry time and that is why if a file was removed from those hosts, captured pages won't work (also because the capture was not full and it will be unable to generate any new links).
  10. It doesn't work on Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. The API was not supported. Microsoft will never remove Bing, because Office, Xbox, Windows and Bing are the souls of Microsoft.
  11. B2RBK-7KPT9-4JP6X-QQFWM-PJD6G I am not sure which version you are using, try the one above and it might work. It can not be used by activation, so don't even try. BTW, are you asking for AMD64 or IA64?
  12. I suggest you read this: You know why it can't generate links for most languages, don't you? The text being black does not mean it doesn't work, if there are no links for other languages generated, it will likely to work.
  13. 32 Bit: http://download.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/software/updt/2011/02/windows6.1-kb2483139-x86-uk-ua_7f01db99ad2b2d41598bfc71aaa9bd4be04b6369.exe 64 Bit: http://download.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/software/updt/2011/02/windows6.1-kb2483139-x64-uk-ua_1ca449545a2bcfdeeed6080768186fc29f163504.exe
  14. Update: Added build (64 Bit) Please note the latest builds of Microsoft Edge are available here, therefore the above link is outdated and removed.
  15. The Dell images are really for computer repair, especially on Dell computers. I think it is good enough make a bootable USB, edit ei.cfg and slp.cmd for re-installation which only occur once or twice (unless you are a virus tester that does all the testings on a physical computer) and it is not terribly hard to do that if you follow the steps right. The problem of using the Dell images as retail ones are: 1. It has other things pre-installed into the WIM images. 2. It is much bigger because of being multi-lingual and doesn't support most Asian languages. 3. You made a mistak
  16. Sorry for spamming. This is a test post from Microsoft Edge Wincert.net recognize this as: Browser Chrome 75.0.3739.0 I don't know why but this is quite interesting. Again, if this is spamming, you can remove this test post. Regards, SnowBall
  17. Probably not, at least the UWP one won't be default browser anymore.
  18. Sorry for the bump but I have something to add: Change the File unavailable message for Windows 7 and Office 2010 to a better message saying something similar to: Please request this file later. The generation of download links is currently at a highly throttled rate due to lack of product keys. You can select the language in green meaning it now available or consider to donate working keys for more download links. Many users are posting about the error without reading other posts and could be quite annoying. Also, you should put the FAQ section in this error message it self be
  19. I am pretty sure there is a blue text saying "FAQ" below the close button. Hover it using your cursor and right click it, read the second question&answer...
  20. Yes, they only changed the string, icon and bingfied Chromium... Not much improvements but it looks pretty good and Microsoft made the right choice on switching to Chromium.
  21. I am using the new Edge on my other computer, much better than UWP Edge.
  22. Not everybody can understand English and I don't know why it defaults to English UK when I am using en-us. Anyway, a suggestion: Make English US always available for Windows 7 and Office 2010 downloads, it is a bit awkward when this tool can't generate links for the most generic language of a Microsoft software. Regards, SnowBall
  23. You should know the fact that 64 Bit Windows can't run 16 Bit apps and Windows 1.x to Windows 3.x are 16 Bit. If you take a program that is 16 Bit and run it on a 64 Bit Windows, it will give you the error because it lacks a NTVDM which is what allows you to run them on 32 Bit Windows. I did write a NTVDM for Windows 10 64 Bit based on WineVDM and OpenNT's source code which is better at handling older Windows apps such as Windows 1.x apps. It is very buggy and I tried to integrate it into Windows which is not working very well. I can not give you that because it might break your computer
  24. Yes! Finally it was made possible! Microsoft was working on a Chromium based Edge browser and it works on Windows 7! I have not yet tested it on older Windows versions but still this is amazing. If you want to use the latest version Microsoft Edge Online Installer, download it from here: https://msedgesetup.azureedge.net/latest/MicrosoftEdgeSetup.exe This setup does not yet work but you can start the installer by using the the command: MicrosoftEdgeSetup.exe /install "appguid={65C35B14-6C1D-4122-AC46-7148CC9D6497}". Download Links: All Versions Currently Available (64
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